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Vuly trampolines are usually instantly recognizable and their feature set is at least a notch above the run-of-the-mill trampolines. They may not always represent the best-buy option, but with Vuly, you most certainly buy peace of mind, knowing nothing will break as easily.

Since Vuly makes round trampolines only, this fact makes all of their trampolines suitable for beginners. The trampoline shape is fairly important: rectangular and oval trampolines allow the user more leeway in where and how they jump, whereas round trampolines turn users towards the center of the trampoline, away from the poles and the surroundings. The former is better if you’re a pro, but inexperienced jumpers might easily find themselves in a pinch, about to land somewhere they didn’t mean to.

Which Vuly to choose?

For beginners:
Vuly Ultra in its 12-ft version is likely the best trampoline for beginners. It’s not too small, but it isn’t bulky either. It’s adequately safe and fun to use. SkyZone X Vuly is also a good option if you like more exciting-looking trampolines. Generally, for BEGINNERS we recommend ROUND trampolines almost exclusively. This is because they behave very predictably and turn the user towards the center of the trampoline when bouncing. This trampoline revealed the discontinued Vuly Lite, which was actually a step up, despite its somewhat confusing name. It’s still the safest to stick to the round units. With regards to the fun factor, both are about equally good. If you had previous experience with Vuly Lite, you’ll know what to expect with Vuly Ultra.

Intermediate level:
A good lower mid-range model is the Vuly Lift 2 with a truly fantastic trampoline bed and great thick enclosure. It’s a step up from the Vuly Lite in most respects, and a few design considerations have made it a bit better product. It’s really fun to use and doesn’t cost that much more. Good for jumpers weighing up to 150 kg. The Vuly Thunder is the upper midrange model we recommend, and it uses leaf springs instead of regular steel springs, completely situated below the trampoline. Honestly, we think it’s a better buy than the Vuly Lift precisely due to the innovative leaf spring system. It’s also somewhat safer than the regular spring trampolines. It feels solid.

For Semi-professionals:
Okay, so true pros (i.e. gymnasts) will most likely seek out rectangular trampolines made specially for training. Instead, here we refer to top-notch round trampolines suitable for regular use. And Vuly doesn’t disappoint here; quite the contrary. And yes, we know what you’re thinking. These things must cost A LOT. Well, you’re not wrong there always is a catch. But the quality is well worth it – provided that’s what you’re after. The Vuly Thunder PRO is the top model, and it uses HUGE leaf springs! Basically, consider the Vuly Thunder and make it bigger and better and you have the Thunder PRO. The springs are completely situated below the trampoline. This is costlier, but the bounce is phenomenal. We recommend this trampoline to ages 12 and up, as it is a bit more responsive and springy, which might cause issues for younger individuals. The springs are longer and more curved.

Vuly offers plenty of other accessories, all of which cost extra. Of the more fun ones, there is a hoop, deck, a speaker called Pulse, and a water mister cooling system. You can also get a set of wheels to more easily move the heavy trampoline around, but these are super expensive.

Vuly2 Trampoline


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