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Springfree Trampoline is likely the earliest company in the world to produce trampolines without springs – creatively named “Springfree” trampolines. These trampolines employ flexible rods to provide bounce instead of the usual metal springs.

The invention came about when Dr. Keith Alexander from New Zealand discovered that the springs and the frame create dangerous situations in case of a collision and found a way to engineer around these limitations. The development of the current, modern Springfree trampoline took 15 years. He didn’t accomplish it on his own, however – his students also played a part. He did patent his invention, but the rule required him to sign the patent rights over to the university, as he was employed there.

Springfree Trampolines Explained

All Springfree trampolines feature much the same spec and safety features, regardless of their shape. Of course, the shape necessarily affects the overall bouncing feel, but this doesn’t differ much from other trampolines. Round trampolines are definitely best for beginners, followed by ovals and then square/rectangular units, made for more serious jumpers.


The timeless classic that keeps on giving. Round Springfree trampolines provide the best all-around experience for first-timers and lovers of classic trampolines. The bounce is very consistent and predictable, making it a solid option for families with children. It should be noted that Springfree Medium Round trampoline is so far the only one to pass the Australian Safety Standard (AS 4989:2015), which is a good assurance of the safety of the trampoline and the veracity of the company’s claims.
When it’s on sale, the Jumbo Round trampoline is a great value. Otherwise, we recommend the Medium Round (3 meters or 10 feet). The Medium Round is a classic trampoline that won’t disappoint you by any means. It does look a tad smaller than its spring-based counterparts, but there is plenty of bouncing surface available, equivalent to a 12 ft trampoline. Compact Round is a good fit for smaller backyards – and perfect for beginners who are just learning to bounce.


The Springfree rectangular trampolines aren’t just like all other rectangular trampolines; they feature slightly rounded corners. This is a big deal when it comes to the cost of materials that make up the structural support of the trampoline. Some of the cost savings do trickle down to the consumer. In fact, the Springfree square trampolines do not carry a huge price premium over the other shapes (offset by the fact that the trampolines themselves are rather pricey).
Square Springfree trampolines are usually the bounciest of the bunch and will fit cramped, square backyards the best. They provide great stability and more control over the way you bounce – albeit a bit less than the rectangular trampolines. The 11 foot Large Square is the only sensible buy from Springfree’s square lineup. Its 11 x 11 feet provide a total of 100 square feet of jumping area, which is plenty enough for all uses and will fit in regular backyards, and it’s equivalent to what 12 ft round trampolines offer.

We recommend square trampolines for more serious users, which will spend a lot of time on their new toy.


Oval trampolines are particularly suited for long, narrow backyards. There’s plenty of bouncing area without undue constraint. The bounce is a bit softer than with the round-shaped Springfrees, but it’s still darn amazing. This shape lends itself well to various feats, such as running or tricks. Medium Oval is what we’d recommend if you’re looking for some more serious jumping in a cramped space. Overall, the Medium Oval sports 7.3 square meters of jumping space, similar to that of the Medium Round, but distributed as 2.4×3.4 meter sides.
Ovals do have a freer feel when bouncing compared to round trampolines, but the effect isn’t as pronounced and they are a good compromise between the freedom of square and the predictability of round trampolines.

Springfree Reviews

Springfree Jumbo Square Smart Trampoline

springfree jumbo square trampoline

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Springfree Medium Round Smart

Smart 12ft Round Trampoline

We’ve grown pleasantly acquainted with Springfree trampolines. Their high-tech trampolines that do away with springs are likely among the most provocative trampolines around. We’ve reviewed a couple of their trampolines of various shapes, but now it’s time to talk a little about arguably the most popular shape – round. Are their round trampolines just as good as their square or oval ones? And most importantly, is this worth the asking price? Read on to find out.

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SpringFree 8×13 ft Large Oval Trampoline

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Benefits Of SpringFree trampolines:

Flexible Edges

One of the biggest problems with springs is the fact that they are so rigid and inflexible; they can pose a serious safety hazard. A lot of different things can happen. For instance, your leg could get caught in between the spring functions which can cause serious damage and in some cases, you might even lose your leg due to the close proximity of the springs to the frame.

Whereas, with the Springfree, the flexible edges combined with the expanded section between the actual frame and the jumping pad allows for much more room to fall without harming yourself. Not to mention, there are no holes that you are going to be able to fall down on/into in the first place due to the sections being covered up where the holes would traditionally be located.


Another benefit of Springfree is the fact that they are made to be much more stable than traditional spring-based models. The legs on spring trampolines are typically very loose and flexible, which can cause a much higher chance the unit collapses.

Whereas, the SpringFree is specially designed to be more sturdy due to the actual design elements that went into creating the SpringFree technology. Because it is held up with rods instead of springs, the entire base of the product is much more sturdy than springs. Overall, there are many differences that go into the SpringFree design. It is simply the better and safer way to jump around.

Is Springfree the safest trampoline in the world?

Well, this is a difficult question to answer since we would have to try ALL the trampolines in the world to give an honest answer. On a more serious note, however, we would definitely agree that Springfree trampolines are among the safest trampolines in the world, as there are others who followed the same footsteps and created similar trampolines, like Vuly.

Aside from the high-quality enclosure with flexible, curved poles, the greatest safety achievements were actually accomplished by removing certain parts, namely the spring bed. This eliminates the majority of impact points.
The fiberglass poles that provide bounciness are in fact placed well below the trampoline mat, which in turn means it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get hurt that way. Add to that the use of high-quality materials, and you have a very safe trampoline that is built to last. While important, mats are usually the weakest point on cheaper trampolines, and Springfree doesn’t disappoint on this front. Taking that into account, the price premium might well be worthy of it. So yes, Springfree trampolines are likely the safest around.