Selection of Best Trampolines Available in Canada! (with Reviews)

With the advent of hotter and brighter days, it’s time to whip out older trampolines or upgrade to newer, safer and better models. However, unlike a choice between a summer cocktail or a cold beer (you cannot go wrong), choosing the right trampoline is sadly not such a straightforward affair.

When looking at, bear in mind that the trampoline is as good as its weakest link. A killer mat is no good if the springs are too short or unresponsive. A tall enclosure is a letdown when the poles holding it are all flimsy. Believe us – it happens, and there are unscrupulous manufacturers banking on this lack of information, as most casual shoppers aren’t really aware of what to look out for.

We always point out these issues in our trampoline reviews, as this may not be apparent at first. Some trampolines look simply fantastic but are a real disappointment under the hood with shoddy welding and horrible quality control – and we want to help you avoid it. And really often we get asked same question: “What is the best trampoline?”, honestly, not an easy question to answer as price of professional trampoline can go up to C$18 000, while prices for recreational trampolines vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. It all depends what you really need, and that’s why we decided to put them on a test!

You might have noticed this if you have already tried doing some research on your own. The enormous selection of models, sizes and shapes is enough to deter even the most determined of shoppers. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research for you – to save you both time and money. Below you’ll find a list of the best trampolines for the 2021 season. Whether you’re after a best-buy unit or want top of the line gear, we’ve got you covered. Also, don’t forget to check our selection of Best Mini Trampolines available in Canada.

Trainor Sports Trampoline and Enclosure Combo

Size: 12ft
Weight Limit: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Our Rating: 3.9
Recommended Age: 6 and up

trainor sports 12ft trampoline

Trainor is a popular Canadian trampoline brand with good track record, albeit unknown in the rest of the world. In fact, these are among the best selling trampolines on the Canadian market. Their 12 ft. trampoline was made with smaller backyards and budgets in mind, while still trying not to compromise on quality.

First of all, let’s talk safety. This trampoline is on the smaller side, which means it will mostly be used by kids. The UV-resistant enclosure netting is made of strong stitching, and it’s blocking the springs as well, so you cannot touch them even if you fall near the edge. The blue safety pads are ¼ thick, which is not much, but we’ll let it slide as the springs are outside the netting. The enclosure is fully zippered and buckled. It’s therefore impossible to fall from the trampoline, even if the zipper somehow opens. We would have liked to see a few more enclosure poles to keep the netting taut.

The weight limit is 220 lbs., which is fine even for an occasional adult to jump on the trampoline. Six standard issue legs keep the trampoline stable, and they are galvanized, zinc-coated, to prevent rust. The number of springs is tad above average. A total of 72 springs provides a solid bounce, especially for those under 150 lbs or so. The mat comes with six rows of stitching, and it feels premium, even though we wouldn’t risk going over the weight limit. A small circle in the middle is silk-screened and is a good orientation aid.

It will take two people to assemble, but it can be done in an hour (if you’re like us) or two hours (for regular people). Not that we like to brag or anything. Anyhow, the instructions are detailed and clear and can be downloaded online if you need them. Few things could go wrong. You get a spring loading tool which immensely eases the initial installation.

The warranty is all over the place and from a single glance you can tell which parts they feel could fail you first. But this is expected, and unlike other budget trampolines, you can get the replacement parts easily by contacting the customer support. The manufacturer recommends that you replace the netting every year, for example. The warranty is 10 years on the frame and poles, 5 years on the mat, 2 years on the stitching, a year on metal hardware, springs and pads, 6 month on foam padding and 90 days on the rest – not bad overall.

We liked this trampoline as an all-around contender which will serve you fine. The enclosure is sort of basic, but the warranty and the overall quality make up for it. This is not a bad trampoline to purchase and its built quality is more consistent than with the other no-name brands.


This is a nice trampoline with solid build quality that will satisfy the undemanding users. However, some corners were cut, especially when it comes to the enclosure.


Skywalker Trampolines 12-Feet Round and Enclosure with Spring Pad, Blue

Weight Limit: 90 kg (200 lbs)
Size: 12ft
Ages: 6 and up
Our Rating: 4.2

skywalker-12ft-round-trampolineA well-known manufacturer of trampolines small and large has come out with a fairly basic 12 ft. trampoline. We won’t tire you with Star Wars puns this time, so let’s get straight to brass tacks. Is this any good?

Upon first inspection, you’d say no, it isn’t. But there’s plenty of subtle details that make it a good trampoline, if a bit unexciting in the looks department.

For starters, the enclosure is much better than in Trainor Sports 12 ft. for example. There are plenty of enclosure poles that are arched away from the bouncer and well-padded, and the netting keeps you from contacting the springs. The netting is tightly woven and even small finger could not get stuck inside. There are latches and double zippers to keep the netting safe from accidentally opening. The pad could be thicker, but the nice thing is that it attaches to the frame with drawstrings instead of fabric. The whole thing is UV-durable.

The frame is of very good quality, made of heavy 16-gauge steel. It is galvanized and T-sockets reinforce the joints and prevent excessive twisting. This make for a more comfortable experience while bouncing. The number of springs is standard- 72 springs 5.5 inches long – and so is the bounce. The bounce is responsive: it’s easy to jump quite high. The springs are “gold-color plated” which means that it’s all just for show. Never mind though, at this price point that’s to be expected.

The mat offers a total of 95 sq. ft. of jumping area, and the trampoline has a weight limit of only 200 lbs. Keep that in mind if adults are to bounce on it. There are no ladders or any extras; they are sold separately.

When putting it together, make sure you read the instructions carefully so that you don’t have to do it over. It will take you an hour. It arrives in a single, huge box. The warranty is 1 year on the steel parts (frame and springs) and 90 days on everything else. A bit disappointing. Even though their customer support is helpful, be sure to always keep your receipt and be ready to offer them some photographic evidence when asked (and you will be; it’s a hassle).

Overall, we were happy with this trampoline. Its build quality is almost premium, but with a very modest price. The joints and the enclosure are well-designed and safe and the overall experience is a tad above the Trainor Sports trampoline (but so is the price). However, we didn’t like the low weight limit and a comparatively short warranty. If you have adults around, make sure they don’t exceed the weight limit just in case.


Upper Bounce Indoor/Outdoor Kids Trampoline and Enclosure Set (7-Feet)

Weight limit: 70 kg (150 lbs)
Size: 7ft
Our Rating: 4.3
Recommended Ages: 3 to 10
Model: UBSF01-7

upper-bounce-kids-trampoline-7ft-round review

Thanks to a relative dearth of good new kids’ trampolines, anything starts to look pretty good or at least warrant an in-depth review.

This time it’s Upper Bounce with their 7-feet small kids’ trampoline. Like any kids trampoline, there are a few prerequisites it must fulfill. It must look good, be extremely safe and accessible. Does this one fit the bill?

Well, when it comes to looks, it’s no slouch. Blue dominates, but the legs are lime green. Eye-catching!

Even though the trampoline is labelled as both indoors and outdoors, we’re having a hard time picturing it somewhere inside. It’s just too big for that purpose. Perhaps in some kind of a garage, but even then… good luck. It’s best to keep it outside.

As we said, safety is paramount, and Upper Bounce recognized that. The trampoline has a very low clearance, which means it’s safe and easy to hop on and off. The enclosure is very high – 64”, ensuring it’s impossible to jump over it. The net is very tightly woven and there is no fear of falling out, thanks to a dual zipper. The net tightly attaches to the 6 enclosure poles. There is ample padding on the enclosure poles, and the pads are phenomenal. It is 3” thick, which is some 5 times thicker than in the rest of the trampolines. Fantastic! Kids are very safe in this, and even if they fall, the pads are so thick they won’t get hurt.

The frame is galvanized, as is standard, and the springs are rust-resistant, too. The trampoline comes with just 36 springs, but they are 6.5 inches long. Overall, it is adequate for kids. They won’t bounce too high, but this is good as safety is of paramount importance. With a weight limit of 150 lbs., adults should not even try bouncing on it. We feel it is best for ages 6 to 13.

The warranty is 1 year on the mats and the metal parts, and 90 days on everything else. You can register your product online for simpler customer support – you can fill your warranty claims online. All the instructions are available online, should you lose your booklet.

The setup will take you a while, but it’s manageable and you should be able to do it on your own. All the tools are included and no parts were missing from the package.

Overall, this is a fantastic trampoline for kids and should definitely be considered if safety is your top priority. You will be paying a bit for the privilege, but it is well worth it.


  • Extremely safe
  • Looks good


  • A tad too pricey
  • Warranty could be longer


Trainor Sports 13-Feet Trampoline and Enclosure Combo with Flash Zone

Weight limit: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Size: 13ft
Our Rating: 4.3
Recommended Ages: 6 and up

trainor sports 13ft trampoline

Another offering by Trainor Sports, this rather unconventional trampoline is not something you see every day. While you might be expecting a simple, 13-ft. trampoline, there are several key differing details.

This trampoline has a rather unique construction. It only has four legs, but they are very wide and stable. What an interesting design choice! The enclosure poles are unusual as well. They actually go above the trampoline. While it looks good, it could be a safety issue for some. However, these overhead poles also keep the netting more stable. It’s a tradeoff. The frame is galvanized in an out, so it should safe when left outside.

The enclosure netting is okay, and it is sewn on the inside of the trampoline, so the springs are outside of the enclosure. Correspondingly, the blue safety pads are disappointingly thin.

The mat is a step up from the rest of the pack. It is tightly woven and sturdy with 6 rows of mat stitching. It has a premium feel and should last for a while, even a couple of years and heavy use should not damage it.

The interesting part about the mat is that it has the so-called “Flash Zone”. It consists of lights that activate when a jumper strikes the target on the mat. It’s not much, but it’s fun and can help with some trampoline games. The LED light is powered by two AA batteries. It attaches to the bottom of the mat, and uses very little power and the batteries will rarely need to be changed.

The trampoline comes with 72 chrome plated springs, which is standard for a trampoline of this size. Consequently, the bounce is also good, but nothing unusual. Perhaps it is a little firmer due to a higher quality mat. The weight limit of 220 lbs is enough even for adult use, although it is aimed primarily at teens and older children.

The assembly is painless and doesn’t take long. Included is the spring loading tool that makes installing the springs a breeze. The warranty is standard Trainor – 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the mat, 2 years on the stitching, a year on metal hardware, springs and safety pads, 6 month on foam padding and 3 months on all the other parts.

This is a fine trampoline that wouldn’t really stand out from the crowd if it weren’t for the interesting light feature. With such a huge number of trampolines on the market, the manufacturers are trying their best to be different – and that’s good for you, the consumer. A few years ago, gadgets such as this one weren’t even available, yet alone sold at an affordable price. Well, the future has arrived and you can get a respectable 13 ft. trampoline with a twist at good value. What’s not to like.


  • Nifty light
  • Good value
  • Quality mesh


  • Potentially unsafe poles


Upper Bounce 15ft Round Trampoline and Enclosure Set

Weight limit: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Size: 15ft
Our Rating: 4.6
Recommended Ages: 8 – 18
Model: UBSF01-15

upper bounce 15ft trampoline review

After their small kids’ trampoline, which left us with positive emotions, we were eager to try the “real deal”, their 15 ft. trampoline. The largest trampoline they have is 16 ft., so this one is a tad smaller. Upper Bounce has been trying to build a reputation as a quality trampoline manufacturer for quite a while, and their products so far have been more hit than miss. We expected this one to perform just as well, and in general, it did.

While the design is very bland, a trained eye will immediately spot ample padding on the poles and the quality of the enclosure netting… But overall, design is the weakest point of this trampoline. The least they could have done is give us a few color choices.

The frame is made of powder-coated steel and is rust-free. There are 6 W-shaped legs, from which protrude 6 enclosure poles. These joints are welded and sturdy, but the poles are easy to set up or disassemble at the same time, so the enclosure can be removed before winter easily. They are covered in soft foam, as is standard.

The netting is made of premium terylene material and is very durable. We liked how it was sewn onto the mat and well-reinforced. This is usually where the enclosure starts to fail, as the netting simple breaks due to forces exerted onto the mat. Their new technology is called the “no-gap enclosure system”. The net attaches to the V-clips at the edges of the springs. The poles are made with a C-cap on which the enclosure net is attached. It won’t slide down and is kept securely in place.

Speaking of the mat, there are 8 rows of stitching that give is a very nice feel. It is supported by 96 springs in total each 7.5 inches long. This is above average and is reflected in the bounce. It is much higher and gentler than in plain trampolines. In fact, it is among the best in this price range. The total weight capacity of 330 lbs is just phenomenal!

Even though the springs are outside the enclosure, the safety pads are still 1” thick. The safety pads have two rubber ties to hold them tightly in place. This is excellent and makes the trampoline very safe. The pads are filled with waterproof EPE foam. The mat and all plastic materials are UV-protected. In general, we feel like this trampoline would have no problem surviving the Canadian winters outside.

All the parts necessary for assembly are included. You get a screwdriver and the spring loading tool. The warranty is standard Upper Bounce – a year on the mats and the metal parts, and 90 days on other parts. It could be longer for a trampoline of this caliber. Warranty claims can be filed online and the customer support is very helpful.

To sum up, this is one of the best reasonably-priced large trampolines on the market. It’s got everything – it’s reasonably safe, provides excellent bounce and is very durable. Its only flaw is its rather boring design, but we feel that’s less important than the other factors. All in all, this is an excellent all-around performer and you certainly won’t regret buying this one. Highly recommended!


Upper Bounce Skytric 15-Feet Trampoline

Weight limit: 150 kg (330 lbs)
Size: 15ft
Our Rating: 4.4
Recommended Ages: 8 – 18

skytric 15ft trampoline

From a wide product range of Upper Bounce comes yet another 15 ft. trampoline. You’d be forgiven to think that this is the same trampoline as the previous one, but upon closer suggestion you can see that the enclosure is done differently.

The enclosure features overhead poles that help keep the enclosure netting taut and in place. Upper Bounce calls it the “Top Flex Pole Enclosure System”. We have mixed feelings about itg. On one hand, the net is much firmer and safer, but on the other hand, these poles above your head and all around the trampoline can be inconvenient, if not outright dangerous.

The rest of the trampoline is pretty much the same as their standard 15 ft. trampoline with enclosure. There are 96 springs, each of them 7.5 inches long. The bounce feels all around the same, as does build quality. The assembly is a tad more difficult due to the presence of extra poles, but it’s only a couple minutes extra. The weight limit is the same, a whopping 330 lbs., enough for all but the most demanding of users. Also, the warranty is standard Upper Bounce.

Choosing between this and the regular 15 ft. trampoline is basically a matter of taste. If you don’t mind the extra overhead poles that generally make the whole structure more rigid, it’s a fine choice. If you feel that these poles might obstruct your enjoyment in the trampoline, both literally and figuratively, then get their other 15 ft. model.



Springfree Trampoline – 8x11ft Medium Oval

Our Rating: 4.8
Weight limit: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Size: 8x11ft
Recommended Ages: 0 – 99

springfree medium oval trampoline

If you have money burning a hole in your pocket, and you’re a passionate purveyor of all things trampoline, we’re here to lend you a hand. Feast your eyes on the new Springfree 8×11 ft. oval trampoline. It’s a premium trampoline at a premium price, with plenty of interesting gadgets.

Aside from its somewhat rare shape, another interesting thing is that this trampoline doesn’t use springs at all. It uses flexible composite rods instead. The total weight limit is rated at 220 lbs., but it can handle more than 1100 lbs of structural load. Pretty much everyone can ounce on it without any fear of damaging it. The bounce is as excellent as you’d expect from such an expensive trampoline. Marvellous! You get the best results when bouncing near the center of the trampoline.

The design is very interesting. There’s black, and then there’s more black. It really stands out to make a statement. The FlexiNet mesh is very resistant to tearing and the elements. What’s more, the enclosure poles aren’t rigid, but they flex and bend as you jump, ensuring you don’t accidentally hit them. The entire metal structure is galvanized and double powder-coated. Rust simply isn’t in this bad boy’s vocabulary.

The mat is called the “SoftEdge” and it is rated for more than 5,000 hours of sun exposure. The trampoline comes without any safety pads, as the rods are well underneath the trampoline. There are no springs you can hit. Statistics show that springless trampolines are up to 70 % safer than the regular ones, as most of the injuries come from impact with the frame and the springs.

Oh, and let’s not forget the fantastic basketball hoop, a complimentary flexible ladder (“FlexrStep” – they might have gone overboard with the naming) and the tgoma gaming system. Tgoma is hands down one of the most interesting inventions in the recent trampoline history. It works on a tablet which you place on a special holder on a trampoline. You just install an app, and the trampoline’s Bluetooth sensors will do the rest. They track where you’re bouncing and make the whole experience very interactive. There’s plenty of games and educational apps to choose form, but not all are free. They should be, considering the upfront cost of this trampoline.

The trampoline is not that difficult to assemble, and it can be done in a single afternoon. The instructions are very clear and easy to follow. Definitely register your trampoline after purchase, as your warranty length is then doubled. When registered, the warranty is 8 years on the whole metal and 2 years on the rest, and their customer support is very helpful.

Springfree trampolines have always been the synonym for perfection – and this time it’s no different. The trampoline is fantastic this would be one of our top picks all day every day (along with, perhaps, Acon or Vuly) if it weren’t for a single factor… the price. Obviously a trampoline this good has to cost a lot of money, but if you’ve got some to spend, don’t hesitate a single moment.


 Skybound Cirrus

Weight limit: 100 kg (220 lbs)
Size: 14ft.
Our Rating: 4.5
Recommended for: 6 – 18

skybound cirrus round trampolineSkybound is a name we don’t have to introduce at all if you’re familiar with the world of trampolines. They made their name producing great premium trampolines like Skybound Stratos. However, bearing in mind not many people can purchase such magnificent trampolines, they’ve decided, just like Vuly, to produce a quality trampoline that’s much keener on the wallet.

The 14 ft. Cirrus doesn’t look like a cut-down version of anything, though. The sleek black lines of the trampoline are complemented with the light blue accents that make this trampoline look fantastic.

The trampoline is kept stable with the help of 6 W-shaped legs. Due to curved poles, we didn’t even come in contact with the enclosure netting. The mesh is dense, though, and there’s no risk of a body part or a digit getting tangled up in there.

The mat is well-made, and comes with antibacterial coating. This we haven’t seen elsewhere and would like more makers to use as well. The 72 7-inch long zinc coated springs will last you for a long time (they won’t rust) and will keep you bouncing for hours (the bounce is responsive and very high).

We disliked the low weight limit of just 220 lbs., meaning this reviewer was hovering around it, even though nothing happened, thankfully. We feel this trampoline can take much more, but we’re unsure as to why the manufacturer doesn’t have confidence in their product.

The trampoline was easy to set up and the assembly didn’t require any nuts, bolts and screwdrivers. The instructions are clear and the warranty period rivals even the most expensive of trampolines – 10 years on the frame and enclosure parts.

Overall, this is a solidly built trampoline that carries a price premium, just like the Vuly Lite. It’s better than the budget trampolines, sure, but the cost is still substantially higher. However, you do pay for the convenience and the peace of mind. If you dislike tinkering and shudder at the thought of subpar customer service or even missing trampoline parts, as can happen with budget trampolines, do take a closer look at the Cirrus.


PureFun DuraBounce

Weight limit: 160 kg (350 lbs)
Size: 14ft
Our Rating: 4.4
Recommended for: 6 – 14


The name of this 14 ft. trampoline certainly evokes great expectations. PureFun? Well, a tad presumptuous. But not too untrue. In a nutshell, this trampoline really is a lot of fun and seems like a well-rounded package.

At first this looks just like hundreds of similar, generic trampolines, but the whole impression is livened up by the lime green pads, instead of the boring blue we’ve become accustomed to. The stitching is also vividly colored and it’s clear the manufacturer isn’t ashamed of its quality. And they shouldn’t be. It’s good.

The enclosure is sewn onto the mat so that the springs are outside the bouncing box. It’s a safer option and quite nice to find it in this price range. The zippered enclosure doesn’t look half bad and the netting is taut and strong. The netting comes with a buckle to secure the net even if the zipper somehow fails, so there’s no risk of falling through the net. The trampoline is very rigid thanks to its T-section structure that is used for joints.

The mat is weatherproofed and boasts a double-stitched structure. The pad is thick enough and we don’t expect it to be used much anyway, due to smart position of the net. The fun begins with the springs, and there’s plenty of them in this trampoline – a total of 96 for a 14 ft. trampoline is a feat. They’re galvanized and the bounce is springy, as it should be; among the best in this price range. The weight limit of 350 lbs is perfectly adequate.

Our gripes were mainly concerned with the short warranty period of just 90 days, but the replacement parts are readily available and fairly cheap. Assembly isn’t as easy and will require a few tools. However, its competitors also don’t come with better warranties (Exacme, for example, also gives 90 days’ warranty). Kangaroo Hoppers give a better warranty on their trampolines, but it’s still lackluster (1 year on the frame and 90 days on other parts).

This is a very good trampoline if you can get over its short warranty period. It’s well built and a lot of fun once you set it up thanks to a large number of springs that won’t rust, keeping ownership costs down. But obviously, nothing is perfect, so it’s a risk you’ll have to take, unfortunately. It’s cheap enough to warrant that, and from our observation, it doesn’t look like it will fall apart anytime soon.