Exacme Trampolines

NewAcme LLC,  was founded in 2011 originally as an international trading company for a variety of product lines. During years of development, NewAcme LLC built up its brand – ExacMe, specializing in sports equipment, and most importantly, trampolines.

Their motto – “Bring most value to the customers”, is something they proudly represent in terms of quality and good ratings their trampolines receive. They have a distribution center in Houston, TX, allowing them to ship products within a short time frame.

Within their product range, there are 4 distinct categories, each with its advantages and disadvantages:

T-series – regular trampolines with high weight limits. They mostly come with 6 legs & 12 poles. The net is outside of the pad.
S-series – simple version of T-series, they normally come with 4-5 legs and with a bit lower weight limits – up to 330 lbs. The net is outside of the pad as well.
C-series – inner netting trampolines, meaning that the net is inside the pad. Weight limits are equal to T-series – up to 375 lbs.
L-series – new model, the enclosure poles are made by carbon fiber tubes, which are lightweight and more corrosion resistant. It has the highest weight limit, up to 400 lbs.

ExacMe 14ft Trampoline

Exacme 14 ft best buy trampoline with included basketball hoop and ladder

ExacMe, a fairly unknown but well-experienced trampoline manufacturer has come out with their take on a budget trampoline – a no-frills experience, but with a lot on offer – an enclosure, six legs, and a ladder. But how does it compete against other 14ft trampolines? Read ExacMe 14ft trampoline review here…

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