Skywalker Trampolines 8-foot Jump N’ Dunk – with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

One look on this trampoline and you will be certain that this is trampoline which could easily fit into Kids&Toddlers category, as height of trampoline is such that even two-year old’s can easily climb on and off it, without any additional ladder.

Skywalker Jump’N Dunk is available in three different colors – green, blue and purple. Regarding quality, as this is tenth Skywalker trampoline we had on review, and as this trampoline has same features as it`s bigger brothers – Skywalker 12 or Skywalker 15 foot trampoline, we are more than certain that this model will show consistency of Skywalker’s manufacturing process and quality guidelines, together with US Safety Guidelines.

Price? Just right to make it perfect gift for your loved ones.

Weight limit: 175 lbs (80 kg)

Recommended for: Children 3-8

Skywalker  “Jump N` Dunk”8 foot Round Trampoline Review & Specs

Skywalker 8 foot trampoline has some great specs. Good quality parts, decent price and possibility to make it indoor or outdoor (we would stick with outdoor placement) brought this trampoline to the top of best-selling 8 ft. trampolines.
Only problems you might have is same as with all of theirs trampolines – occasional issues with shipping packaging, meaning that quality control could be better.
But, latest reports did confirm that Skywalker improved it and that packaging problems have been decreased to minimum. We would like to think this is true as Skywalker really doesn’t deserve rating decrease over such resolvable issues.

skywalker trampolines jump n' dunk trampoline with safety enclosure and basketball hoop, 8-feet specifications and features


Frame is made from 16-gauge pre-galvanized steel and thanks to 4 W-shaped legs and T-sockets to connect them to frame, it offers outstanding sturdiness when compared to other 8 ft. trampolines. T-sockets also lengthen the lifespan of the trampoline, but not only that, but acts as additional safety feature, as such sensitive points on the trampoline simply should not fail. The frame is 21 inches tall (1,75 foot).

Safety & Enclosure

You don’t need to look hard to ascertain this is a kid’s trampoline. That’s why security is of utmost importance. It seems that Skywalker did take care in this area, as they have provided a good enclosure that should help minimize any possibilities of accidents and injuries from occurring.

The enclosure features a patented Stay-Put technology, which eliminates dangerous gaps between the enclosure and the jumping surface that leave the certain areas exposed. It’s padded and consists of four poles that help with stability.

The poles are angled to further prevent the possibility of contact with the safety poles. The enclosure can be closed with dual zippers and a latch, to keep your child safe and prevent any possibility of them falling from the trampoline. We must say we were rather impressed with the range of safety features which help prevent injuries to  fingers and toes.

The spring pad is made from UV resistant materials (soft foam with PVC outer coating), as is the standard for most trampolines nowadays, and is wide enough to cover frame & springs. The material is thick and there is no chance of your child coming into contact with the springs, as the springs themselves are placed outside the enclosure. It’s a nifty feature that we really liked.
Pad itself is connected to V-rings and frame using straps.

As said, the trampoline comes in a range of colors – you can choose from blue, green and purple. And they all look nice, but be careful as padding color dictates overall trampoline price, so check out different options if you are buying this trampoline. Price can really fluctuate.

Springs & Mat

Standard Skywalker mat with 4-stitches, made from PolyPropylene. Mat disappointed us as overall bounce quality could be better, but then again, this trampoline is intended for smaller children, and for them it is quite capable. The jumping area has a total surface of 36.6 sq. ft, basically diameter of 7 ft is usable, as additional ft is used for padding.

Skywalker springs
The springs are fairly sturdy and look like they can take a beating. There is a total of 56 springs, and they are 5.5 inches long, which are connected to mat via V-ring. The springs are made of 18 gauge steel and won’t rust, as they are coated in golden color.
They make for a good bounce, especially on trampolines of this size – maybe not the best we have ever seen, but considering the price and the class it’s in, the guys from Skywalker have made a great job.

Maximum weight capacity of the trampoline is 175 lbs (80kg).

The Basketball Hoop

Now, on to the most interesting part of the trampoline – the basketball hoop. skywalker basketball hoop

Basketball hoop is easy enough to set up – it attaches to a rope between the two enclosure safety poles, and there are additional straps that help keep is tight and secure. The hoop is foam padded, which means there is less risk of injury. An another great safety feature is that the baseball rim will breakaway if sufficient force is applied to it.
The danger of getting limbs stuck is therefore reduced to zero. We figure the kids will have a lot of fun with the hoop, and there are a bunch of games they can think of and try out. Definitely recommended if your children are tired of traditional trampolines, for some reason.

Assembly & Warranty

The whole trampoline can be assembled without any outside help. It took us 45 minutes to do so, and it should not take you more than an hour. That’s an another plus in our books. It can be disassembled just as easily. Note that the trampoline comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and 1-year limited warranty on all other materials. Read “limited” once again and have that in mind!

Assembly manual can be downloaded here.

Happy bouncing!

8 foot skywalker trampoline - jump n` dunk
Skywalker Trampolines 8-foot Jump N’ Dunk – with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop
We really liked this Skywalker Jump N’Dunk Trampoline. It has a great safety enclosure and a thoughtfully made basketball hoop. The safety of this trampoline really has to be seen to be believed. We were thrilled with the features, and the bounce is nice too. Good, well-made trampoline which you should consider if you are limited by space. Can be used as entry model for youngsters! Regarding assembly, please check instructions which we have included in "Assembly and Warranty" section.
Accessibility of replacement parts
Safe, even for smaller children
Weight limit could be higher
Mat with 4-stitches is thing of the past
For category - Trampolines for kids!
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