JumpSport is family owned company founded  in USA 19 yrs ago by several founders, one being Mark Publicover who invented the trampoline enclosure that now protects millions of trampolinist’s.

Their most popular trampolines include their SoftBounce line of trampolines, and of course the phenomenal AlleyOOP trampolines that deliver unparalleled bounce quality and safety, but the company has also produced several mini and kids trampolines. JumpSport & their brand AlleyOOP holds patent for PowerBounce (additional springs) and DoubleBed (two mats) technology.

When it comes to mini trampolines, the product range goes from their lowest-end model 220, to 250, 350, 370, 550 and 570. The higher the first number, the larger the trampoline. The second number denotes the ‘trim’ i.e. quality level.

JumpSport 350 Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport model 350 mini trampoline

Today we’re bringing you a review of the Jumsport 350 mini trampoline. It is similar to its brother, the Jumpsport 250, and features 32.5 inches of jumping surface. But is it worth the price premium over its cheaper brother? Its mat is made of special Permatron material and uses a springless rebound system. This makes it really quiet and ergonomic. The frame looked safe and sturdy. We were also satisfied with the warranty and the additional features that make this a worthwile buy. Read the detailed review here!

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JumpSport 250 Fitness Trampoline

jumpsport fitness mini trampoline

Jumpsport is a well known name among the trampoline connoisseurs (the precious few of them). They generally make good trampolines that are excellent for any rebounding workouts. The model 250 is one of their top selling models, and it isn’t cheap at all, so we simply had to investigate whether it’s worth shelling out your hard earned cash for.

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