JumpSport “Elite” Round Trampoline

Review of JumpSport “Elite” 14ft Round Trampoline

JumpSport „Elite“ series of trampolines is a 5* trampoline that will give you everything you ever wanted from a trampoline. Full-size fun, top quality, smooth bounce with superior performance and maximum safety for a minimum chance of injuries. JumpSport Elite trampolines are available in multiple sizes (10ft, 12ft, and 14ft) and as they are almost the same, with just a few differences, this review will cover all of them.

Weight limit: 235 lbs (110kg), with “PowerBounce” 260 lbs (120kg)
Size: 14ft (4.26m)
Shape: Round Trampoline
Recommended for: All age groups
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JumpSport Elite 14ft Trampoline Specifications:


Very durable pre-galvanized 14 gauge steel frame, 1.75“ top rail made of steel and dark blue color finish.
Height from ground: 35“ – to increase safety jumping mat was lifted higher than in a regular trampoline. The purchase of a trampoline ladder would be a good choice if you have smaller children.


Springs are made from top-grade steel and are 8“ long. If you have any intention of using this trampoline to perform tricks then think about PowerBounce (dual spring) technology.

  • 10ft JumpSport Elite has 72 springs
  • 12ft JumpSport Elite has 88 springs
  • 14ft JumpSport Elite has 96 springs + the possibility to supercharge by upgrading to JumpSport „PowerBounce“, which adds 32 springs extra, totals 128 pieces of 8“ very tensile springs

Jumpsport entrance to the trampoline


Meets and exceeds “ASTM” safety standards, all thanks to integrated safety enclosure and “Unforgettable” closing system. Poles are also padded with PVC coating.

  • 10ft – 6 enclosure poles
  • 12-14ft – 8 enclosure poles provide fantastic stability


Jumpsport jumping mat has 10 rows of stitching, premium UV protection and fantastic capabilities. The soft and responsive mat which listens to your body making it great choice for semi-pro all-wannabe gymnasts. Mat has a usable jumping area of approximately 113 square feet, which is close to 40% more than on a 12ft JumpSport trampoline.

Maximum single-user mat weight limit:

  • 10 foot – 210 lbs (95kg)
  • 12 foot – 235 lbs (105kg)
  • 14 foot – 240 lbs (110kg) – with “PowerBounce” 260 lbs (120kg)

Have in mind that these are recommended maximum wights of jumpers, as this trampoline is capable of much more. In fact, real-world tests had shown that this trampoline can handle a combined weight of over 800 lbs (360kg).

Frame padding

JumpSport Elite padding comes in a matching dark blue color. The quality of padding is one of the better we saw on trampolines. Padding is made from Expanded Polyethylene and it is coated with 21ounce PVC which is water & UV resistant. Padding is filled with 1“ thick gym-grade foam and it is almost 14“ wide. Thick pad with PVC outer coating with a full-width, inch-thick, gym-quality EPE foam core.

Safety features

Always have in mind that none of these trampolines is 100% safe, there are just some safer than others. “Easy-Up” enclosure net with proprietary „Unforgettable“ enclosure entrance provides you with an additional layer of security and peace of mind.


  • Product Warranty: If you have any kind of problems with JumpSport Elite Trampoline, like missing parts or parts with visible damage, or if you’re simply not satisfied with overall quality of this trampoline, just send it JumpSport Elite warranty informationback to the seller in its original packaging within 30 days of its delivery! Simple as that. Holiday Returns Policy is that orders placed between November 1 and December 31 may be returned until January 31. Keep that in mind.
  • Happy customers and super high ratings.
  • Very safe trampoline thanks to thick frame, nice thick padding, and enclosure net with „Unforgetable entrance“
  • Fantastic jumping specifications thanks to “StageBounce” (softer landing & higher bounce) & “PowerBounce technology” (dual springs)
  • 5* Quality – Only the best materials are used in the construction of this trampoline.



  • Assembly is time-consuming and very difficult to do it alone. Have someone to help you with the installment. The whole assembly will require 3+ hrs.
  • A bit expensive but as the main competitors of this trampoline are ACON Air 4.3, Vuly Thunder, and Springfree Medium Smart trampoline, the price is relatively fair, at least when you look at the quality of this trampoline. If you have money for it, buy it. You will not be sorry.
  • As this trampoline is a very high shame that a trampoline ladder is not included in the set.

What is “PowerBounce”?Powerbounce tech explained

“PowerBounce” is a technology used in trampolines to improve shock absorption and bounce performance. It involves a patented TripleStage-DualSpring™ assembly system that uses two cross-link springs mounted on a “PowerArm” fitting.

The upper spring locks the PowerArm™ into the V-ring, while the lower spring attaches to one of the PowerArm’s three stages – the top, middle, or bottom setting.

By adjusting the setting, the trampoline’s performance can be optimized for different ages, weights, or skill levels. The result is a trampoline that provides a better and more adjustable bounce experience.

Additional trampoline accessories available for JumpSport Elite 14ft Trampoline:

Basketball board: Learn to dunk with this special trampoline basketball board!

Trampoline ladder: Good if you have smaller children who will use this trampoline.

JumpSport Anchor Kit: Living in an area where bad weather (heavy winds, tornadoes) is possible to occur? Protect your trampoline with special Anchor Kits.

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Jumpsport Elite
JumpSport “Elite” Round Trampoline
Review Conclusion
Overall, this trampoline is a solid mid-range option that offers great value for the price. With over 45 years of experience in the trampoline industry and the invention of enclosure netting, this manufacturer has a strong reputation for quality and innovation. However, it's worth noting that the rating of 3.8/6 is not something we expected, and it indicates that there may be some room for improvement. While this trampoline is a good option for those looking for a more affordable alternative to professional-grade trampolines, it may not have all of the features and capabilities that more advanced users are looking for. Overall, if you're looking for a good quality trampoline that won't break the bank, this is a solid option to consider. But if you're a more experienced trampoline user looking for advanced features and capabilities, you may want to consider investing in a higher-end option.