Vuly Thunder Round Trampoline

This time it is time to review Vuly “Thunder”, one of the safest recreational trampolines in the World. Vuly Thunder is a type of springless trampoline, where standard “coiled steel” springs are replaced with a new design, in this case, a system called “Leaf Springs” where basically, steel poles shaped as leaf act as springs, without the possibility of hitting them.

Weight limit: 330 lbs (150kg)
Other Trampolines fom Vuly: Vuly2, Vuly Lite, Vuly Thunder PRO

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Review of Vuly “Thunder” Springless Trampoline

Vuly “Thunder” trampoline will give you enough confidence while jumping as there are no springs and no padding so you can fully enjoy jumping on the complete surface of the mat without any risk of being injured.

The surface of the mat itself is almost like a jelly, the initial bounce is soft with almost no resistance but when you get deeper into a bounce resistance on “Leaf springs” is increased and bounce is the highest you can get on standard home trampolines.

Vuly trampoline specifications are exactly what you would expect from trampoline with that price tag.
It is very expensive trampoline but price can easily be justified as Vuly used only best materials in almost all parts of trampoline (I said almost all, as quality of enclosure netting doesn’t follow overall quality, read more about it below on review of enclosure).

Also, the default warranty period is 10 years on frame and only 1 year on all other parts. Maybe a bit too short for a trampoline with the price that high.
But then again, all replacement parts for the Vuly Thunder trampoline are available at half price, but only if you keep the receipt.

Vuly Thunder Medium

Vuly Thunder Large

Vuly Thunder Extra Large

Weight limit:330 lbs330 lbs330 lbs

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Frame diameter:10 feet12 feet14 feet
Mat diameter:8' 3"10' 7"12' 6"
Leaf Spring count:425670
Recommended for:Age: 6 - 12Age: 8-14Age: 12-100
Warranty period:
Frame: 10 years,
Safety net and mat: 2 years
Leaf Springs: 1 year
Assembly Instructions:
Download Vuly Thunder Manual
Download Full Specifications
Download Vuly Thunder Specifications


frameOn Vuly Thunder, there are actually two frames inter-connected, making it very sturdy without any kind of motion or movement.  It  is made from galvanized steel with second layer of powder coated rust resistant paint.  Vuly frame is probably strongest frame you can find on trampoline (just take a look at picture above – Can your trampoline hold a car? 10 years of warranty only confirms that. Nice futuristic design is just a plus.


Mat is made from woven PP material (PolyPropylene) with six rows of stitches. Mat on Thunder is very responsive and provides one of the highest bounces you can get from backyard trampolines. Total jumping weight limit is 330 lbs (150kg).

Springs: leaf-spring

There are tapered leaf springs which provide nice and high bounce for all users. Smaller & lighter jumpers will use the top leaf-spring, while larger/older jumpers will use all three leaf springs, bouncing you higher than ever before.  Leaf springs technology create soft area around the top of trampoline so when kids fall over there is no solid surface to crash into. With every Vuly Thunder you get free spring tool, in this case called Leas Spring Lever.


As the enclosure net is sewed with mat there is no need for padding. Also, as there is no way of hitting any hard edges risks of trampoline-related injuries are lowered by at least 80%. (confirmed statistics when comparing traditional vs springless trampolines.


Enclosure on Vuly Thunder is made from a material called Silk Terylene, which is UV resistant,  super strong but elastic material. Net and mat are attached together (stitched) making it as a single part so there is no way to fall out of Thunder trampoline. Safety increased to a higher level. Only trampolines that uses similar technique is Springfree Inc trampolines.
Holes on the enclosure are very small making it impossible to accidentally stick your fingers and toes into it. Jumping and doing tricks just got way safer… The only downside we had on the enclosure is that entrance is very small, making it very hard to enter if you are a bit bigger. Great for kids, not for grown-ups. Also, there are reports that netting starts to fade after a year or two of usage.

Vuly Thunder pro


Vuly Thunder vs Vuly Thunder PRO

When comparing these two trampolines, there are definitely some improvements worth mentioning:

  1. Bigger leaf springs on the Pro – meaning softer and higher bounce
  2. Black powder coat on the Pro – not only looks a bit better but also provides improved resistance to rust
  3. Better safety net material on the Pro – protecting against stuck fingers inside the netting and also softer on the skin
  4. Poles are further out from the netting on the Pro – and with it less chance of banging into a pole

Warranty on Vuly Trampolines

The warranty is good – 10 years on the frame, 5 years on the mat, 1 year on the springs, netting, and the skirt. The warranty can be extended for a fee, and you get a 50% discount on spare parts when you register your trampoline.

Available Accessories for Vuly Trampolines:

Accessories are available, but they all cost extra. They include a water mister, deck, a basketball hoop, and a speaker. They are generally interchangeable between the Vuly trampolines.

Vuly Thunder Tent

Why not get a rain-resistant tent roof? Especially as the tent comes free with every Thunder trampoline (offers may vary). Vuly tent has side detachable from roof area making it perfect for hot summer days and use it again on colder autumn or winter days.

Vuly Deck

Vuly jumping board where you can practice skating tricks without any worries of possible injuries. The deck is crafted from lightweight plywood and covered with EVA foam.

Basketball Hoop

Learn to dunk on your backyard trampoline. Practice basketball on your trampoline and boost your balance and coordination. Basketball Hoop is flexible and covered with foam for extra protection.

Reviews of Best Trampolines

vuly thunder trampoline
Vuly Thunder Round Trampoline
Very good but expensive trampoline. If enclosure net would be a bit better and if initial warranty period would be at least 3 years (without purchasing extended warranty) this trampoline would get highest ratings. For now, there is still fight between Thunder and Springfree trampoline. Show must go on...
Extremely sturdy and heavy trampoline. When assembled, weight of Thunder ranges from 171 kg (Medium), over 221 kg (Large) to 255 kg (XL Thunder)
Half price replacement parts for life - keep your bill and you can purchase all replacement parts in half price! Very good business model which is unique in world of trampolines.
One of the coolest trampolines you can buy
Regular warranty period on Leaf Springs only 1 year. For trampoline with that price we expected much more.
Price, price, price - it is one of the most expensive recreational trampolines, and only Springfree Inc. springless trampoline can compete with it.
Users reported that enclosure quality is not so high - colors starts to fade after year or two. But then again, depends how much you care for it.