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Vuly2 12ft Trampoline Review


Vuly 2 is a line of trampolines by the Australian brand Vuly that is dead set on competing against the likes of  similar high end competitors, like Acon Air 4.3 and SkyBound Stratos. It is priced well above the mainstream offerings, but costs markedly less than some of its upscale competitors.
Does it offer enough value at such a price point for those looking for something a bit more affordable? Is it upscale enough for those ready to fork out the money? Does it bite into the market of the supercharged Vuly Thunder? Read our review to find out!

Weight limit: 330lbs (150kg)

Enclosure: Yes

Total width: 12ft (10’4” mat diameter)

Springs: 72 coil springs

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vuly2 trampoline

If you’re at all familiar with the Vuly Lite (and you should be, as we’ve reviewed it already), then this one will look very similar. And it is, except the reversible safety pad has slightly different colors than the Vuly Lite. What you get is one blue side and another with a magnificent floral print! The curves are very nice and they are part of Vuly’s trademark design, along with eye-catching drawings on the mat.

The trampoline looks very imposing and exudes an aura of quality and good engineering.

Enclosure & Frame vuly2

The safety net is well-put together. There are no issues with the net breaking or slipping. It is taut and the springs are outside the net for added safety. The net is made from polyethylene. We were impressed with its safety and quality. There is no zipper on the enclosure netting; it uses a system of overlapping “doors” that close on their own.

7 sturdy poles provide great stability and safety even during heavy loads. They are aided by steel barring near the bottom of the trampoline, which provides extra structural support. This is a better design solution than the commonly-seen U-shaped legs.

Mat & Safety Pads

The mat is well-stitched and reliable. It is attractively decorated with interesting icons that aren’t there just for show; there is a game called “VulyHexVex” that you and your children can play together. You can also think of your own games to play.

The safety pads completely cover the springs and are very durable. You shouldn’t ever come in contact with them, as they are outside the enclosure. Plus, you can turn them around to give your trampoline a breath of fresh air. The flowery print looks stunning!

Springs & Bounce vuly2 springs

Due to its very rigid frame, the trampoline provides an excellent bounce response. Little to no energy gets wasted. As a result, you can bounce with less effort. 72 springs are responsible for the bounce. We’ve seen more, but here they behave really well.

As with Vuly Lite, the manufacturer has added a little trick in that not all the springs lay flat on a plane; some point upwards, and some downwards at a small angle. This creates a staggered effect which makes for a more comfortable bounce; akin to trampolines that have several rows of springs.

Assembly & Warranty

The trampoline comes in four boxes plus one tent box. It is very easy to assemble and the diagrams in the instruction booklet were very simple to follow. There were no issues with parts missing or certain bolts that don’t fit, as can often be seen on the cheaper trampolines. In fact, there are no bolts. Everything just clicks together. Each part has been cut to spec and fits perfectly.

If you find out that you’re stuck, their website has a bunch of installation videos that can help you with assembly ( This is something we’d like more manufacturers to start doing.

Any warranty claims can be lodged online via a simple form, but you can also reach them via email or on the phone, should you so require. The warranty is 7 years on frame tubes and poles, 5 years on the mat, springs, and safety net, and a year on the safety pads. There is no warranty on mat printing, though. This is in line with other premium offerings.


The Vuly2 12’ trampoline is a well-built piece. Bounce is phenomenally good and the whole steel structure is very sturdy. There are lots of tiny details, too numerous to list, that reveals how much thought went into designing this trampoline. And it definitely paid off for Vuly. They designed a great trampoline, but at a very tricky price point, stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s a tad expensive for those looking for a cheaper trampoline, while a bit too low-end for those looking for absolute perfection. So, to answer our question, no, it doesn’t really compete with Vuly Thunder. However, we think this is one of the best trampolines in the sub-$1000 range, and if you can stretch your budget to purchase this, you definitely won’t regret it!

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  • Easy assembly
  • Great workmanship
  • Responsive bounce
  • Great warranty


  • Could use some extra premium features
  • No ladder or tent