Urban Rebounder

 Bounce on the Urban Rebounder

Weight limit: 300 lbs

Recommended for: Adults, daily use

Whether for fat burning, muscle building, or a flat stomach, Pro Urban Rebounder achieves good results in a very short time with highly efficient workouts. As we all know, trampolines in general, are considered non-impact cardiometabolic training, where you get cardio of an elliptical machine, the calorie-burning intensity of a treadmill, and with elevated Urban Rebounding mini trampoline – elevation of a stair climber. When those workout methods combine, results get visible in no time.

Urban Rebounder folding mini trampoline

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The rebounding program offers many health and fitness benefits from which buyers benefit. The fun factor of the Urban Rebounder is that comes together with a motivation kicker – DVD with a total of six workouts, featuring fitness instructor Rebecca Kennedy. Why motivation kicker? Well, if you already had a mini trampoline then you’re well aware that workouts can become boring fast. But, included workouts act more as training sessions, as you’ll feel that you are not doing it alone.

Honestly, all manufacturers of mini trampolines should be encouraged to create a motivational DVD, as almost none of them do, except Stamina InTone Oval Jogger, featuring fitness instructor Mia Finnegan.

Have in mind that both of them could fit into “Joggers” category, more than into mini trampolines. Why? Unlike the regular mini trampolines, the mat on Urban Rebounder is woven much tighter, and therefore a bounce of only two to three inches is typically possible. That small bounce is more than sufficient enough to work you’re the muscles in your legs and abdomen.

There are two types of Urban Rebounder available, one for home use and one for gym use. The only real difference between the two is that the home trampoline is built to hold 300 lbs of weight, while the gym version goes up to 350 lbs of the weight limit.

Urban Rebounder Mini Trampoline Specs

With over two million units sold, Pro Urban Rebounder is one of the best-selling mini trampolines of all time.
Even today, Urban Rebounder is considered to be one of the leading mini-trampolines on the market. But, as this mini trampoline has been introduced a while back and went to several improvements, it is time to check if the quality is still on the level, or did it stagnate. As you might imagine, there are new (and very good) manufacturers active on the scene, so let’s see if Urban Rebounder still earns to be addressed as “best mini trampoline“.
Urban Rebounder elevated plus extra DVDs


The frame consists of heavy-duty, 10″H x 40″ diameter (without stabilizing bar) steel supported by 8 legs (2 long and 2 short to elevate it). In addition, you get two longer ones that are used to elevate Urban Rebounder. It features a two-folding system where the frame and legs are both easily folded (not a few first times, they are quite stiff, but it will get easier over time, even if you don’t use some sort of household lubricant).

Unlike in the video, there are no knobs on the legs, as the video features an older version of Urban Rebounder, and a new one is improved to be lighter and easier to store and carry.


Responsible for the jump are 36 steel-based springs, connected in a system they call “Advanced muscle shape”. As previously stated, don’t expect bounciness of backyard trampolines nor regular mini trampolines, as they are quite hard on feet, basically “jogger” grade springs. But, they are supermassive and will not break, so the overall sturdiness of the rebounder is unquestionable, but so is the stiffness. There have been reports that after some time they will start to squeak, so take care of them and apply some lubricant on monthly basis.

Mat / Bounce

Permatron mat features a 28-inch diameter surface, and while is thick and durable, it’s not Olympic quality as stated in the commercial, but standard Permatron PolyPropylene, the mat is mostly used in high-end products. Honestly, whenever there is Permatron involved, you can be sure that you’re looking at one outstanding product.
Urban rebounder in blue/yellow

Assembly / Warranty

There is no assembly required as the product arrives ready to use. Basically, all you need to do is unfold it and you’re ready to go. If you wish you can attach stabilizing bar, as you’re gonna get it for free.

Warranty on an Urban Rebounder is somewhat short. On frame, mat, and springs there is a limited one-year warranty, 6 months on pad (skirt) covers, and all other parts. Extended warranty can be purchased separately.

Did you know that jumping on the Urban Rebounder can burn up to 1000 calories within one hour?

Elevated Urban Rebounder video!

Urban Rebounder
Urban Rebounder