Confirmed – Trampoline Workout Burns 1000 calories/hour

How many calories does jumping on a trampoline burn?

It is finally confirmed: Trampoline Workout can burn 1000 calories under one hour!

Of course, total number of calories you might lose while bouncing on a trampoline depends on workouts performed, but generally trampoline workouts are one of the best ways to get in shape. Just a standard basic bounce will help a 150 pound person to burn around 500 calories under an hour (according to Harvard Medical School).

As these is a bit more than in other activities as jogging or swimming, we can see that trampoline training is a very good and in same time low impact workout everyone should try. Number of calories you can lose by jumping on trampoline is different for every person as it depends on several factors –  how much you weight, what kind of exercises you do and much more. But some standard number of calories burnt by 10 minute workout on trampoline is averaging around 80 – 100, making rebounding 69% more efficient than jogging.

Not only rebounding is good for burning calories but it is a fun way to exercise. Rebounding or trampolining, which often involves vigorous movements, can actually stimulate the circulation of lymphatic fluid (waste disposal system) helping you to gain direct stimulation of your immune system. If you want to know all benefits, make sure to read this post – Benefits of Trampoline Workout

How jumping on trampoline influences on cell is your body?

You must have heard that jumping on trampoline is so called – low cellular exercise. It means that while you are jumping all cells in your body use two types of energy to move around – kinetic and potential energy. Potential energy which is stored in the springs and kinetic energy while you are moving in the air up and down. Look at it this way:

  • When you are at the highest point of your jump, you have maximum potential energy and zero kinetic.
  • When in the middle of the total distance from trampoline mat during your jump you have maximum kinetic energy.
  • When you are back at the bottom touching the trampoline mat you have maximum potential energy because of the springs.

What about 1000 calories per hour?

Well, for that kind of exercise there are specially designed workout classes which can be found mostly in trampoline parks all around USA.  While concept of trampoline park is not new, complete and intense workout scenarios on trampoline along with fitness trainer are considered new. And these workout classes are more and more accepted as popularity of trampoline parks rises each day.

See this video and decide if you want to try – we`ll always recommend!

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