Confirmed – Trampoline Workout Burns 1000 calories/hour

burn calories by does jumping on a trampoline burn calorieson trampoline

It was always clear that a trampoline-based workout is one of the best there is, heck, even the astronauts use trampolines during preparation for missions. But now we have proof that confirmed that losing 1000 calories per hour just by bouncing on a trampoline is possible. Are ready to get in shape but still don`t trust us? Read more and be convinced!

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Main Benefits of Training on Trampoline

Trampoline Benefits

NASA has determined trampolining to be 69 percent more effective than jogging. Children will feel that their motor skills are rapidly increasing and will feel a boost in their self-confidence. Regular bouncing will boost the immune system as well.
It’s also a fantastic exercise for the elderly and those with bad joints. It is considered a low-impact exercise, meaning the joints are stressed less compared to running. You will enjoy less stress and feel more energized after a good jumping session. Your muscles and heart will all thank you!

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