Airzone Variflex 38-Inch Mini Trampoline

Variflex 38″ Mini Trampoline – How good is it?

38 inch trampoline is one of the cheapest mini trampolines we have ever tried so question if your money is well spent seems legit. Of course, we didn’t have any expectations, due to the very simple design, but then again, we were quite interested in how it performs. But, before we did that, we needed to get used to smell of cheap plastic or vinyl. Just wow. 

Weight limit: 200 lbs (90kg)

Recommended for: Children and light-weight individuals

Variflex spring bands

The frame is powder-coated and consists of 4 separate parts, which form a circle, and during assembly, those need to be tightened with the bolts. The Variflex mini trampoline is simple in design, with one thing that’s quite unusual on mini trampolines – elastic bands of this size. It’s not standard bungee strings, but some kind of elastic material that we haven’t seen before on mini trampolines. Will it last? Hard to say. But, it’s kinda quiet unlike the squeaky springs in traditional trampoline types.

Variflex has a low quality mat (looks like 4 rows of stitching) made from PolyPropylene, which is standard material used for trampoline mats.

Variflex 38-Inch Mini Band doesn’t provide high or enjoyable bounce, even though the impact on feet is quite soft, mostly as elastic bands are being used. Of course, they don’t provide an ecstatic jumping experience, but it’s safe to use since it has replaced its sharp-pointed metal springs with strong elastic bands. According to the manual, the padding and structure meet all safety requirements from the “Society for Testing and Materials” now known as ASTM International, but there is no certificate, so it’s possible that this is false advertising. Not sure for now, we’ll send an email asking about this certain mini trampoline and will update this review accordingly.

According to the manufacturer, it can withhold the weight of up to 200 lbs (90kg), even though we think that’s a very inflated number, and that the actual weight limit is closer to 120 lbs, due to the fact that we didn’t have much confidence in legs, as they tend to point really far out. Of course, it’ll be ok if users will only jog on it, but full-blown jumping exercise, no, we just can’t recommend it for heavier individuals.

Overall height of 38″ Airzone Variflex mini trampoline is 9 inches so there will not be any problems in storing it under bed, but it will be problem storing it in the closet, as it’s quite difficult to fold it. Yes, legs can come off and that’s about it.
variflex mini trampoline

Specs and Features summary

  • Elastic band that act as conventional metal springs,
  • 38-inch diameter,
  • Frame height – 9 inches
  • Woven polypropylene mat
  • Six removable steel legs with molded floor protectors
  • Padded skirt that covers elastic bands
Airzone Variflex 38-Inch Mini Trampoline
Good choice for anyone who wants a cheap and simple mini trampoline for occasional use. Provided you hold to the weight limits recommended, it's suitable for jogging. That's about all it can offer.
Variflex is sort of safe, as per standard safety requirements - there is no springs, it's not tall, so even though it doesn't come nor it's possible to mount a stability bar, even the 3-year olds can use it.
It's cheap mini trampoline. That's about it.
As with all trampolines, don't rule out the possibility of injury, even though that's mission impossible on this mini trampoline - if you listen to our advice and don't use it if you're over 120 lbs, as two things can happen - either the legs will brake or you'll rip the mat. You don't want neither. And we don't trust them either.
One biggest concern about this trampoline is assembly itself as you will definitely need an extra hand to help you install this trampoline.
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