Man Jumps on Frozen Trampoline [VIDEO]

guy jump on frozen trampoline - video

Mother records mesmerizing slow-motion video of son jumping onto a frozen trampoline in Missouri.. This trampoline was lined with a thin layer of ice, which broke into shards that produced a shattering sound, very similar to broken glass.

See how he did:

Try to Escape Emotions – Fantastic Summer Trampolining Video

There’s nothing better to do on a hot summer day than to bounce on trampolines all day long! But these guys are on a whole different level. Watch them do crazy stunts, flips, and jumps! It took them years to learn and now they’re showing this to the whole world. The message? Get a trampoline and you’ll look as stunning as those guys and gals 😉

Of course, don’t try doing all this at home… unless you have the skills and a sweet set of trampolines!

One of the best summer trampoline related music videos!

Trampolining in Slow Motion

Trampolining in slow motion

Slow motion trampolining video

Leaders in cinematic sports content had teamed-up with Australian free-jumping trampoline phenomenon BOUNCE for their latest sporting production.

Why is this video special? Well, maybe because you haven’t been bouncing in slow motion before, not probably see it… 🙂 🙂

In this video you can see amazing skills of the BOUNCE Free Jumping Revolution Team – made up of professional gymnasts, snowboarders, skateboarders and circus performers.

The video was shot using Australia’s only rentable Phantom Miro camera – capable of shooting 1500 frames per second, supplied by Melbourne based camera and equipment hire – The Vision House.

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