Trampoline Paddings

Trampoline Pads – Are they really necessary?

These days trampolines are mostly used for exercise and recreational purposes. Trampoline manufacturers are never asleep so they produce and invent new types, new sizes, and new shapes of trampolines. Trampoline Pads are a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to trampolines. Together with the trampoline enclosure, they make the part that is an absolute must when it comes to safety. They will protect you from accidentally hitting trampoline springs or trampoline frame. Falling on uncovered springs with your foot would most certainly result in broken ankles. Trust me on this one! Buying a trampoline without trampoline pads is almost unthinkable and most certainly very dangerous.


  • Who will be using it? – This question probably doesn’t belong here, as every pro-gymnast knows that padding is not necessary only on Olympic (professional trampolines), even though they have watchers being ready to place a pad in case of a fall. When it comes to backyard trampolines, it’s mostly children who are using them, so trampoline padding is A MUST. Of course, there are cases when it’s not so important, like when netting is stitched directly into the trampoline mat, or when is a different type of trampoline in question, like Vuly Thunder or SpringFree Inc trampolines.
  • Size of trampoline –
  • The shape of the trampoline (round trampolines or rectangular trampolines)

Trampoline pads are available in a large number of sizes, shapes, and qualities. Trampoline pads mostly come for three trampoline shapes – round, octagonal/oval, and rectangular. Trampoline pads are usually made from PVC covering filled with shock-absorbing PE (PolyEthylene) memory foam – it is a closed-cell foam, meaning its structure is made of millions of tiny bubbles, sealed off from each other. The thickness of the padding is what counts most, the thicker it is the safer it will be. Generally, avoid trampolines that don’t use at least 0.75″ foam, as everything below that will be felt by everyone falling on it.

When buying trampoline replacement pads make sure that you buy good quality pads where you can be sure of pad durability and quality.


When shopping around for replacement trampoline pads you will need to know two things, pad size, and pad width. Lucky enough, padding size is the same as trampoline frame size so you will only really need to measure pad width. You can measure the distance from any end of the trampoline frame to the beginning of the trampoline mat.

Trampoline pads are here and will stay, as they are one of the most important parts of the trampoline when it comes to safety.