The Importance of Trampoline Enclosures

The Importance of Trampoline Enclosures or “Safety First – Do I Need Trampoline Enclosure”? Trampolines are an extremely fun way to have fun and exercise at the same time. However, especially considering that they are mostly used by kids, which makes safety is paramount. Kids often aren’t careful and don’t recognize the risks. This can be dangerous, especially on trampolines, as they can jump very high and risk serious injury if they land wrong.  As

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How Important Trampoline Mat Really Is?

trampoline mat (jumping bed) upclose

 …or trampoline jumping bed, different name, same meaning. The trampoline mat (yes, that black thing on the trampoline) is only part of a trampoline in direct contact with a jumper. Proper, regular control and inspection of the trampoline mat are required and recommended. If the mat gets torn, it presents a life-threatening danger for anyone using it. The main advice is to check the trampoline mat on a weekly basis if kids are using it.

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Trampoline Springs

New Trampoline Springs – For Extreme Bounce Trampoline springs can be made from several materials, from steel to electric straps or even fiberglass. Springs are usually made from galvanized wire and ideally will conform to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Material standards) before being sold on the market. Because the bounce of the trampoline depends upon the resilience of the springs, they should be strong enough to bear the trampoline user’s weight and then

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Parts of Trampoline


The trampoline is made of… A trampoline is a piece of outdoor play equipment that can last you a very long time. If you still haven’t tried jumping on trampolines I think it’s about time. After you will try, I guarantee you will love it. They can be used for pure entertainment. The fun side of this is that you will be exercising in the process. The first thing to make things easier for new

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Trampoline Tent

tent to enclose trampoline

Do You Need a Trampoline Tent? Find out here… Like other important trampoline accessories – covers, enclosures, ladders, snag bags, trampoline bounce boards, and others needed to make the trampoline whole, the trampoline tent is one major accessory also needed. For those who do not know that a trampoline tent is, trampoline tents are mostly made in form of tents to cover the trampoline and ensure several things – that no one falls from the

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Trampoline Paddings

trampoline paddings

Trampoline Pads – Are they really necessary? These days trampolines are mostly used for exercise and recreational purposes. Trampoline manufacturers are never asleep so they produce and invent new types, new sizes, and new shapes of trampolines. Trampoline Pads are a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to trampolines. Together with the trampoline enclosure, they make the part that is an absolute must when it comes to safety. They will protect you

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Trampoline Accessories

accessories for trampoline

Selection of Best Trampoline Accessories By using some of the trampoline accessories mentioned below you will greatly benefit not only from increased safety, but will also experience trampolines at their best. Check out what is being offered on the market and decide if it’s worth your money. Trampoline Bounce Boards This bounce board is ideal for young adults involved in boarding sports, such as snowboarding and wakeboarding. Bouncing boards are flexible and safe to use

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