Mini Trampolines For Moms or How to Spend Time With Children!

mini trampolines for moms

 … While You Exercise! A modern mom typically finds ways to balance her multifaceted life to keep in touch with herself without neglecting her kids, her husband, and her career. Among all things, it is her health that she should be mindful of since a well-conditioned body allows her to take on multiple roles each day of her life. The best way that a mother could do this is if she manages to juggle two

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12ft Trampolines – Will that be enough?

12 ft trampolines

Have limited space? Think about 12 ft trampoline! If you’re thinking of buying a trampoline and there is limited space, consider getting 12 ft trampoline.  Before you buy that 12-foot trampoline that you have been watching lately, you have to consider a few things first – who will be using it, what purpose the trampoline would serve, what its specifications are, its quality, and included safety features. Piece of advice – check our buying guide

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Trampoline Springs

New Trampoline Springs – For Extreme Bounce Trampoline springs can be made from several materials, from steel to electric straps or even fiberglass. Springs are usually made from galvanized wire and ideally will conform to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Material standards) before being sold on the market. The springs initially start as a piece of strengthened wire that is then coiled and cut to a trampoline manufacturer’s exact specifications. Only the highest quality

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Is Installing In Ground Trampoline Good Idea?

In ground trampoline

Thinking about In-Ground Trampoline?
If you want to know how to increase the safety of trampoline jumping while drastically improving the aesthetics of your backyard then an in-ground trampoline is the thing for you. Learn how to do it yourself, what to be careful about, and at the end – are they really safer than traditional enclosed trampolines!

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Rave Water Trampolines

Why Buy A Rave Water Trampoline? The Rave Sports offers the very best in quality and fun when it comes to water trampolines. Inflatable water trampolines are their specialty, offering the biggest, safest, most innovative products in the water sports industry. Facts: Rave Sports didn’t jump on the water trampoline bandwagon; they created it. They were the first to sell floating water trampolines. They did this in the year 1998. Rave Sports water trampoline leads

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Urban Rebounder

Urban Rebounder

 Bounce on the Urban Rebounder Weight limit: 300 lbs Recommended for: Adults, daily use Whether for fat burning, muscle building, or a flat stomach, Pro Urban Rebounder achieves good results in a very short time with highly efficient workouts. As we all know, trampolines in general, are considered non-impact cardiometabolic training, where you get cardio of an elliptical machine, the calorie-burning intensity of a treadmill, and with elevated Urban Rebounding mini trampoline – elevation of

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Trampoline Basics – Learn How to Bounce!

trampoline basics, learn to bounce

Instructional Video for Trampoline Beginners.

If you got yourself new trampoline this is video you must watch.

It covers all basic moves which you`ll want to learn to impress your friends, family and neighbors. As those jumps are harder to be performed on round trampolines, semi-pro or rectangular trampolines are best choice if you are interested in learning those moves. Click here for reviews of rectangular trampolines.

Remember: Always take maximum caution while bouncing on trampoline! Read Safety Tips

xFred’s – Guide to Trampolining

Learn some moves from the preview of popular trampolining DVD!

This is a preview of his trampolining instructional video, compiled as part of his teaching module for university.

Part 1 & 2 with full workouts are available on DVD if you think you would find it useful. To get your copy you’ll have to contact him via YouTube as DVDs aren’t being sold in retail (It might involve a small contribution to cover postage cost). After that, you are ready to buy your first trampoline.


xFreds guide to Trampolining Part 2 


xFreds guide to Trampolining Part 2 

Parts of Trampoline


The trampoline is made of… A trampoline is a piece of outdoor play equipment that can last you a very long time. If you still haven’t tried jumping on trampolines I think it’s about time. After you will try, I guarantee you will love it. They can be used for pure entertainment. The fun side of this is that you will be exercising in the process. The first thing to make things easier for new

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Learn How To: “Backflip” Trick on Trampoline

somersaults on trampoline

Before you do any tricks on your trampoline there are several things you should be aware of!

Trampoline tumbling should be taken seriously every time. As trampolining is classified as a high skill Olympic Sport in which jumper performs a routine of tricks marching for their best performance. The difficulty of tricks they need to perform varies enormously, and you need to be aware of all the dangers trampolines pose.

Exercises you can perform on a trampoline are classified into several categories and exercise from this trampolining tutorial is classified as “Basic Skill Level” trampoline exercise, as somersaults.

Regardless of the experience, you may have on the trampoline, the exercise in this tutorial will help you get an insight into learning somersaults on the trampoline.

Trampoline Tent

tent to enclose trampoline

Do You Need a Trampoline Tent? Find out here… Like other important trampoline accessories – covers, enclosures, ladders, snag bags, trampoline bounce boards, and others needed to make the trampoline whole, the trampoline tent is one major accessory also needed. For those who do not know that a trampoline tent is, trampoline tents are mostly made in form of tents to cover the trampoline and ensure several things – that no one falls from the

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Bungee Trampolines, aka Salto Trampolines

bungee trampoline

What are Bungee Trampolines?

Bungee Trampolines (or as some like to refer “Salto Trampolines”) were invented almost 20 years ago and still are not as popular as they should be. For some the real reason is price, some just haven’t heard about it, and some are not so confident about its safety.

girl on bungee trampoline

So let`s discuss those:

  1. Price: Bungee trampolines, with all of their additional equipment, are more costly than regular trampolines people own in their homes. But as bungee trampolines do not target this market this is completely understandable. As it is built only from quality materials like aluminum and stainless steel, the price really is perfectly reasonable. Also, with an average weight of 600 lbs (300 kg), those trampolines are not so easy to transport. This is why they are mostly used in amusement parks and they are not so common to own at home. Even though, if you can afford it, it will bring you much pleasure.
  2. Blindness to product existence, it is also very common that people really haven’t heard about bungee trampolines. They are not heavily marketed, they do not have thousands of distributors and they are met only in amusement parks. Most people I had conversations with think that they are made only by order. Of course, none of those is an excuse for missing fun they are willing to share.
  3. Safety, made from almost 250 kg aluminum and stainless steel, those trampolines can easily handle more than 120 kg jumper, and this is just a limit is for smaller bungee trampolines people can use at their homes. And if you are lucky enough and live in an area with some tourist attractions, you can easily earn some serious money just by renting one of those.

Bungee trampolines, or in this case “salto trampolines“ are really a way to taste acrobatic experience. Some of them can bounce you 20ft (10m) in the air with no risk of injury.

Even people who suffer from certain handicaps can use it. Enjoy.

Main Benefits of Training on Trampoline

Trampoline Benefits

NASA has determined trampolining to be 69 percent more effective than jogging. Children will feel that their motor skills are rapidly increasing and will feel a boost in their self-confidence. Regular bouncing will boost the immune system as well.
It’s also a fantastic exercise for the elderly and those with bad joints. It is considered a low-impact exercise, meaning the joints are stressed less compared to running. You will enjoy less stress and feel more energized after a good jumping session. Your muscles and heart will all thank you!

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Trampoline Paddings

trampoline paddings

Trampoline Pads – Are they really necessary? These days trampolines are mostly used for exercise and recreational purposes. Trampoline manufacturers are never asleep so they produce and invent new types, new sizes, and new shapes of trampolines. Trampoline Pads are a very important piece of the puzzle when it comes to trampolines. Together with the trampoline enclosure, they make the part that is an absolute must when it comes to safety. They will protect you

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Trampoline Accessories

accessories for trampoline

Selection of Best Trampoline Accessories By using some of the trampoline accessories mentioned below you will greatly benefit not only from increased safety, but will also experience trampolines at their best. Check out what is being offered on the market and decide if it’s worth your money. Trampoline Bounce Boards This bounce board is ideal for young adults involved in boarding sports, such as snowboarding and wakeboarding. Bouncing boards are flexible and safe to use

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