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BouncePro 15′ Square Trampoline and SteelFlex Safety Enclosure

Those looking for a non-round trampoline are usually in for a ride. There’s not much to choose from and the trampolines are often not that great value. BouncePro saw the opportunity and offered this large 15 ft. square trampoline. Did they try to fit a square peg in a round hole, so to say?

Exacme Luxury Fibre pole 15ft Round Trampoline

A luxury trampoline for a fraction of the price? Is such a thing possible? Well, we’d always err on the side of caution, but as we say, every trampoline deserves a fighting change. Let’s see how the Exacme unit performed.

Zupapa 15ft Trampoline

Zupapa is an unknown player in the world of trampolines. But unknown doesn’t mean bad – it can mean great value for a modest price. Is this the case here? Well, you know what to do…

Giantex 15ft Trampoline

Another 15ft trampoline on our review, this time a very affordable model from Giantech. Giantech is serious about this trampoline and expects a lot form it. But can this bargain priced trampoline play with the big boys? Let’s find out together! Read our Giantex 15ft. round trampoline review!

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline

SkyBound has always been one of the top companies when it comes to delivering on their promises. They have always boasted very well equipped trampolines with lots of nifty features. Today we’re reviewing the Skybound Stratos Trampoline, 15 ft. in diameter. Read on to see if SkyBound delivered with this one too…

Kangaroo Hoppers 15ft Round Trampoline with Enclosure

The popular company Kangaroo Hoppers have made a 15 ft. trampoline with enclosure, available in five colors. We have tested the dark green version. Kangaroo Hoppers says that the trampoline is safe, innovative and quality made. With a cost of about $420, does it represent a good buy? Read more here!

Skytric 15ft Trampoline with Enclosure

We had the opportunity to try out the new trampoline by Skytric, a sister brand of the Upper Bounce Trampolines, with a longish name of Skytric Trampoline with Top Ring Enclosure System equipped with the “EASY ASSEMBLE FEATURE”. It carries a hefty price tag, but the price is still reasonable considering the fact that it’s really, really big – 15 feet in diameter. There is a range of other sizes, as well – 8ft, 11ft and 13ft. This model is the largest of them. It comes with enclosure and the manufacturer states that it is easy to assemble. Have we been swayed by all the accolades we’ve read? Read on Skytric Trampoline Review.

Bazoongi JumpPod 15 foot Trampoline and Enclosure

Review of Bazoongi JumpPod 15 ft Round Trampoline by JumpKing This time we have exclusive model of 15 ft round trampoline coming from JumpKing, company well known for their brands Bazoongi /JumpPod and Orbounder. With such long reputation in manufacturing of trampolines, we expected nothing less than best American trampoline. Let us see what this JumpKing 15 ft trampoline is capable of… Weight limit: 220 lbs (100 kg) Rating: Recommended

Pure Fun 15 ft Trampoline

Pure Fun 15 foot Round Trampoline Review As one of best sellers, Pure Fun 15ft trampoline is trampoline from which we expect a lot. This is slightly renewed design of trampoline from Pure Fun, and as explained below, comes with some major differences. Weight limit: 250 lbs (115kg) Price:  (Note: trampoline enclosure is sold separately) Rating: Recommended for: Age 8+ Check latest price! Pure Fun 15 ft Trampoline Specifications First,

Skywalker 15 feet Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker 15ft Round Trampoline Review This time we got our hands on one trampoline from which we had mind blowing expectations – SkyWalker 15ft. We knew that Skywalker was always producing  top-notch trampolines (35 years in business), but never tried one the biggest round trampolines they have to offer. Numerous ratings of 4* and above already gave as a clue that this trampoline must be “out of this world” and

ExacMe 15 ft Trampoline

ExacMe 15ft Trampoline, trampoline with crazy weight limit, low price and great reviews. Are there any hidden surprises? Read our review about 15ft ExacMe trampoline! This isn’t an super quality industrial trampoline that can handle an entire bunch of screaming kids… but with a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, it can still handle few people.. At 15’ in diameter, it will give everyone enough room to jump, not just