Get Air Trampoline Park – Yakima, Washington

GetAir Yakima, Washington

Address: 1015 E Lincoln Ave
Yakima, WA 98901
Phone: 509-895-5925

On September 26. Yakima youth got another place to visit as Get Air Yakima trampoline park opened its door!




Get Air Yakima features some of the most interesting trampoline based activities:

  • Kiddie Court “Small Air” – for kids under 46″ (115 cm), featuring big fun for little kids. This is a trampoline area reserved solely for children, where they can bounce or tumble from vertical trampolines while moms are watching. Parents are not allowed on those trampolines but there is an area where you can watch. Be advised that all children under 10 require adult supervision.
  • Main Trampoline Court “Big Air” – several thousand feet of trampolines where everyone can tumble! Featuring vertical trampolines, basketball court, dodge ball area and for individuals separate trampolines for workout and fun. Something special is possibility to review your jumps on recorded¬† but delayed view monitors.
  • Foam Pit – can`t go without one. Foam pit is A place where to try all jumps and tricks you wouldn`t dare on regular trampoline court.
  • Slack Line – ever wanted to walk on rope? Well, now you can, and if you fall, no harm done as you will land on thick cousions!
  • Fidget Ladder – try to climb on top of the swinging ladder placed over a foam pit. Reaching the top is not as easy as it looks!
get air yakima foam pit
Get Air Yakima foam pit


Prices of Get Air Yakima trampoline park are somewhat lower than competitions.

“Big Air” section:
Monday – Thursday – $9 per hour
Friday – Sunday – $11 per hour

Kiddie court “Small Air”:
Monday – Thursday – $6 per hour
Friday – Sunday – $9 per hour