Bounce! Trampoline Sports – Trampoline Park in Syosset, NY

Long Islanders are in for a treat…one that will have them literally bouncing off the walls, in fact, as Bounce! Trampoline Sports opened the first-ever indoor trampoline park on Long Island, NY.

Bounce! Trampoline park is located  in a massive 40,000 square ft building  at 310 Michael Drive in Syosset, New York. The colorful Bounce! Trampoline Park offers a variety of different trampoline-based activities, from dodgeball, basketball slam dunking, foam pits, a bungee trampoline and inflatable trampoline section for youngest visitors.

Phone: 516-762-1300

In addition, other programs are beeing offered, including high-intensity exercise classes like “Bounce Aerobics” & “Have Fun Get Fit” plus special programs like “Toddler time“, “College nights” and “Teen nights” and of course, birthday parties which (trust me) all kids simply adore having in trampoline parks all-around USA.

Please note that only children 7+ are allowed on the trampolines while all others must be accompanied by their parents all legal guardians. Also, all jumpers need to sign a waiver! Bring your own socks! Or buy their special reusable non-slip socks for $5!



  • Trampoline Open Jump – $16/hr or $28 for 2hrs
  • Inflatable Trampoline Area – for youngsters (there is a height limit) -$11/hr or $17 for 2 hrs
  • All sections pass – $22/hr or $32 for 2hrs
  • Bungee Trampoline – Additional $8 per session


What did co-owner of Bounce! Trampoline Park said about their park?

“What makes Bounce! trampoline courts unique is the ability to not only bounce off the floors but off the walls as well! Jumping on a trampoline is a fun, healthy workout that can burn up to a thousand calories in an hour.”

Danny Fried opened his first Bounce! Trampoline Sports in Rockland County almost three years ago, and couraged by it`s huge success, soon scouted  new location in Syosset, New York. The grand opening, which took place on  September 7th and 8th, was to host a fundraising effort supporting two very good causes – the “Nassau County Burn Center” and the “Nassau County Detectives Association”.

Why you should try trampoline park workouts?

Aside from exercise or training, trampolining at trampoline arena`s is all about fun. Different games and ability to play with huge number of players at same time is something that you can`t try with standard home trampolines, regardless of their size. Also, exercise classes offered at trampoline parks are always supervised by fitness professionals and represent one of the best cardio workouts you can get. Yes, they are hard, but sometimes you need to overcome all obstacles to a happier and healthier life!