Rave O-Zone 5-foot Water Trampoline; Cheap or not quite?

RAVE Sports Kids Inflatable Floating O Zone Water Jumper Bouncer - Ozone

Baby brother of Rave Eclipse 200 on test… While reviewing baby brother of Rave Eclipse 200, which is by the way 8 times more expensive we were pretty skeptical about the overall quality and performance of this trampoline. Were we wrong? Continue reading… Rave O-Zone 5 ft specification: This product which is intended to be used for smaller children comes in not so big a body. Only 5 feet in diameter (approx. 152 cm) is

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RAVE Aqua Jump Water Trampoline – Eclipse 200

Rave Eclipse 200 water trampoline

Rave 200 Eclipse – Is it worth it? When summer sets in, it’s time for family fun. Choice leads you to a water trampoline. Rave Aqua Jump Trampoline has one awe-inspiring trampoline for you, the Eclipse 200. With years of expertise in water trampoline, Rave Aqua places lots of innovation in their Eclipse models. Rave Eclipse 200 is a unique model with heavy frames made of steel eliminated. The landing pad is waterproof, while the

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Rave Water Trampolines

Why Buy A Rave Water Trampoline? The Rave Sports offers the very best in quality and fun when it comes to water trampolines. Inflatable water trampolines are their specialty, offering the biggest, safest, most innovative products in the water sports industry. Facts: Rave Sports didn’t jump on the water trampoline bandwagon; they created it. They were the first to sell floating water trampolines. They did this in the year 1998. Rave Sports water trampoline leads

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