What are the differences between bellicon models:

  • bellicon Classic: the first trampoline model of bellicon and with its black powder-coated surface is still an eye-catcher. It has a steel frame and is available in the following three diameters: 40″, 44″ and 49″. You can also select screw or folding legs as well as 5 different fabric thicknesses. It is definitely the cheapest of the 3 other models. (from $459,00)
  • bellicon Premium: as the name implies, the Premium is the highest-quality model, as it has a stainless and scratch-resistant stainless steel frame and is not only good-looking but also antiseptic, making it well suited for use in practices and hospitals. However, the Premium is only available in 2 diameters, 44″ or 49″. Screws or folding legs are also an option, as well as 5 different fabric thicknesses. (from $879,00)
  • bellicon Plus: the Plus has the same steel frame as the classic, but with an additional quick-release fastener bracket. The new T-bar (included in the scope of delivery) and other accessories are attached quickly and securely. This quick way of attaching accessories naturally results in a multitude of new training options, from rehabilitation training to power training. This makes the bellicon plus the most versatile model. It can also be supplied with screw or folding legs and is available in 44″ & 49″ diameter. However, the 5 different fabric thicknesses are still available. (from $719,00)
  • bellicon Jumping Fitness: this is an absolute power device: -), so if you plan to train at high speeds (power training), then I recommend the Jumping Fitness. Like the Plus, this model has a quick-release bracket including the T-bar. A special feature is a hexagonal frame with powder coating, with the size of 54″. The Fitness trampoline is only available with screw legs and black rubber ropes.

bellicon Rebounder Classic

bellicon rebounder

Bellicon trampoline is a high-quality, low-impact rebounder that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It is a German-made product that comes in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Bellicon trampolines are made with bungee cords instead of metal springs, which provide a smoother and more enjoyable jumping experience. They are also designed to be low-impact, which means they are gentler on your joints than traditional mini trampolines.

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Is bellicon worth the money?

  • You’re paying more for a unit that better fits you and your specific fitness needs. The bellicon’s specially formulated bungees come in five different strengths to accommodate different body weights and different forms of exercise. As a result, you’ll end up with a model that is most appropriate for your fitness goals, body type and bounce style. The fact that your mini trampoline will be custom-fit for you means that the overall jumping experience will be more satisfying.

Can you lose weight on bellicon?

  • As with any kind of exercise equipment – it’s all up to you! bellicon will deliver the tools, but des. ire lies in you alone, and you’ll have to sweat to bring it out. So the answer is yes. You will be able to lose weight while exercising on bellicon or any other rebounder, all the way to 1000 calories per hour

Which bellicon is best?

  • While we tend to recommend bigger rebounders, it might not be the case with bellicon, as it will be different for everyone bigger. so your selection will be based on your height, body type & weight. Yes, a bigger size means more jumping area but doesn’t always mean it will have the best bounce.

What rebounder is comparable to bellicon?

  • Jumpsport 350, Dave Hall’s Cellercise and Urban Rebounder can be placed in the same category.  As all of them are designed to be heavily used, bellicon is the only one giving you a chance to make it for yourself, only based on your body type and your training style.