How to choose a Trampoline?

For a start – a simple trampoline buying guide! Have your kids have finally gotten to you or Your dearest has just explained the health benefits of a trampoline, and again your children have told over and over again how careful they will be and how much a trampoline means to them. You have decided to buy a trampoline. Now, what do you do?

Well, there are multiple types, shapes and sizes available. Is size of your backyard dictating the maximum size of a trampoline? Perhaps you are looking for a semi-pro trampoline for your little gymnast? In either case, do not worry as we will simply explain how to find a perfect trampoline.
Buying a trampoline is not and should not be an easy task. With so many available shapes, sizes and different safety features, people have always had a problem recognizing great trampolines among thousands of trampolines currently offered in local shops.

That`s why we continuously review all trampolines you can find there.

Frame thickness, mat and spring quality, safety precautions such as enclosure and additional parts, those are all pieces of a one big puzzle – a trampoline!

Think of it as 3D puzzle, where all pieces must be same quality to showcase your creation in all of its glory. If only one part of it breaks, the whole thing is going down. Trampolines are no different, they all need to be made from good quality materials keeping them in one piece. This is why is essential to do research prior buying one. Here we come into play – We have done trampoline reviews of all possible shapes & sizes making it very easy to find a perfect trampoline.



Are you looking for a standard trampoline, mini trampoline, water trampoline or perhaps a bungee trampoline? The selection is huge and so are the differences. As you might imagine, trampolines can roughly be categorized in several categories, where each of those has certain conditions to meet. For example, if you are looking for a fitness trampoline which you plan to use in comfort of your home, then mini trampolines are your first choice. You can learn more on our trampoline types page

types of trampolines


Indoor Vs. Outdoor

If you plan to use trampoline inside closed spaces then do it wisely. Floor height should be at least several feet more than actual height of a trampoline, as bounce it might provide will catapult you in the air. Don`t forget that. If you are looking for mini trampolines or kids trampolines then you might be ok, as neither the size or the bounce could be threatening. Click here for best mini trampolines or here for best kids trampolines.

Spring based Vs. Springless

If safety is your #1 concern then springless trampolines are the answer. As spring based trampolines have one layer of protection on them (padding) but which can accidentally move and possibly create a threat for the jumpers. Falling through springs is certainly not great feeling, and most of all, certainly not safe.
Springless trampolines tend to remove that threat by combining new technologies and new concepts, with one goal – to make trampolines safer for their users. But, under no means you should think that they are 100% safe. At the end it all comes to the “rule set” – what you should do and what you can do. For more detailed information on springless trampolines please click here.



Oval vs round, rectangular vs square? Which of the multiple shapes is the best? Or is it maybe oval??? Whichever you like most, they will all work good. And if you need something for semi/pro gymnast sessions then choice is obvious.

Round: Most popular outdoor trampolines used for occasional bouncing fun. Read our reviews of round trampolines and make sure that your trampoline activities stay how they should – safe & fun

Rectangular: Rectangle trampolines are most popular trampolines among gymnasts and all other people which demand powerful bounce and extra safety from trampoline. Rectangular trampolines are trampolines which will give you best and highest bounce. Check our reviews of rectangular trampolines and find best one!

Square: Square trampoline are trying to provide safety of round with bounce quality of the rectangular, square trampolines are gaining popularity like never before.

Take a look at our section with rectangular trampolines. As we already confronted most shapes you can check results here: Rectangle Vs. Round // Rectangular Vs. Square


Sometimes less is more. It is important to buy trampoline based on specific age of user, because overall usability and performance of trampoline depends on jumpers weight. 15ft trampoline for a preschooler? A big no. So always try to buy trampoline accordingly.
In our reviews we have age recommendations so find yourself trampoline you like and then see if our recommendation is within limits.

For other questions you might have regarding trampolines please visit our „Frequently Asked Questions“ section.