Trampoline Reviews

ExacMe 15 ft Trampoline

As this Exacme 15 ft trampoline is currently on sale @Amazon, so we decided to give it a try and test this trampoline.   With a price of $399 (currently 33% off), which is fairly good deal for any 15 foot trampoline, Exacme gives you great value for money. About

Trampoline Workout

Trampoline workout burns 1000 calories/hour – Confirmed

  It is finally confirmed: Trampoline Workout can burn 1000 calories under one hour! Trampoline workout classes are more and more accepted as trampoline parks rise all over the States. While concept of a  trampoline park is not new, complete and intense workout scenarios on trampoline along with fitness trainer

Trampoline Park

LAUNCH Trampoline Park, Rhode Island

Warwick, Rhode Island – LAUNCH Trampoline Park Address: 105 Pace Blvd. Warwick, Rhode Island Phone: 401-828-5867 GET DIRECTIONS. CLICK HERE!   Visitors of all ages bounce, flip, and twirl on almost 10 000 sq. ft. of trampoline mats, which create are one huge trampolining surface with angled wall trampolines. Whole