Trampolines & Trampoline Reviews

Trampolines – What are they and are they important for human well-being?

Do you like an idea of having fun and exercise in the same time? Everybody does! Trampoline, as a perfect training equipment, will give you just that – endless hours of fun. If you are worried with safety issues trampolines represent, try to get over it as health benefits (did you know that it is 60% more efficient than jogging?) greatly surpass possible injuries. Keep up to safety guidelines & determine some rules and you`ll be fine. And make sure to read our trampoline reviews or use trampoline comparison chart to find trampoline you truly deserve.

How to choose a Trampoline?

Have your kids have finally gotten to you or just Your dearest has explained the health benefits of a trampoline, and again your children have told over and over again how careful they will be and how much a trampoline means to them. You have decided to buy a trampoline. Now, what do you do?
Well, considering there are multiple types, shapes & sizes are available. Does your size of backyard dictates how big trampoline can be or maybe you need semi-pro trampoline for your little gymnast? Well, don`t worry as we will explain how to simply find perfect trampoline.

Buying a trampoline is not and should not be an easy task. With so many available shapes, sizes and different safety features people always have a problem recognizing great trampoline among thousands trampolines currently offered in local shops. That`s why we continuously review all trampolines you can find there.

Frame thickness, mat and spring quality, safety precaution such as enclosure and additional parts, those are all parts of one big puzzle - trampoline!

Think of it as 3D puzzle, where all pieces must be same quality to showcase your creation in all of it`s glory. If only one part of it will break, whole thing is going down. Trampolines are no different, they all need to be made from good quality materials keeping it in one piece. This is why is essential to do research prior buying one. Here we come to play – We have done trampoline reviews of all possible shapes & sizes making it very easy to find a perfect trampoline. Check out our trampoline reviews and choose trampoline which will be best fit for your jumping needs!


Are you looking for standard trampoline, mini trampoline, water trampoline or perhaps bungee trampoline? Selection is huge and so are the differences. As you might imagine, trampoline can roughly be categorized in several categories, where each of those has certain conditions to meet. For example, if you are looking for fitness trampoline which you plan to use in comfort of your home then mini trampolines are your first choice. You can learn more on our trampoline types page.


Oval vs round, rectangular vs square? Which of the multiple shapes is the best? Or is it maybe oval??? Whichever you like most, they will all work good. And if you need something for semi/pro gymnast sessions then the choice is obvious. Take a look at our section with rectangular trampolines. As we already confronted most bought shapes you can check results here: Rectangle Vs. Round // Rectangular Vs. Square

Most popular shapes of trampolines:


  • Round Trampolines – are most popular backyard trampolines used for occasional bouncing fun. Read our reviews of round trampolines and make sure that your trampoline activities stay how they should – safe & fun
  • Rectangular Trampolines – are most popular trampolines among gymnasts and all other people which demand powerful bounce and extra safety from trampoline. Rectangular trampolines are trampolines which will give you best and highest bounce. Check our reviews of rectangular trampolines and find best one!
  • Square – trying to provide safety of round with bounce quality of the rectangular, square trampolines are gaining popularity like never before.



Sometimes less is more. It is important to buy trampoline based on specific age of user, because overall usability & performance of trampolines depends on jumpers age and weight. 15 ft trampoline for a preschooler? A big no. So always try to buy trampoline accordingly. In our reviews we have age recommendations so find yourself trampoline you like and then see if our recommendation is within limits.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor

If you plan to use trampoline inside closed spaces then do it wisely. Floor height should be at least several feet more than actual height of a trampoline, as bounce it might provide will catapult you in the air. Don`t forget that. If you are looking for mini trampolines or kids trampolines then you might be ok, as neither the size or the bounce could be threatening. Click here for best mini trampolines or here for best kids trampolines.

Spring based Vs. Springless

If safety is your #1 concern then springless trampolines are the answer. As spring based trampolines have one layer of protection on them (padding) but which can accidentally move and possibly create a threat for the jumpers. Falling through springs is certainly not great feeling, and most of all, certainly not safe. Springless trampolines tend to remove that threat by combining new technologies and new concepts, with one goal – to make trampolines safer for their users. But, under no means you should think that they are 100% safe. At the end it all comes to the “rule set” – what you should do and what you can do. For more detailed information on springless trampolines please click here.

For other questions you might have regarding trampolines please visit our „Frequently Asked Questions“ section.

Buying a Trampoline & Trampoline Reviews

When you are looking at trampoline reviews you always want to find the best trampoline for the job. As there is loads of different manufacturers on the market and each trying to get a share, task of choosing a trampoline is more than complex. Complexity & balance of how all parts are put together dictates overall quality, and while most expensive trampolines are usually the best, there can be found more affordable but at same time, very good trampolines. When it comes to buying one, everyone who never have had owned a trampoline has a series of questions, and most standard questions are those:

Which are Top 5 Best Trampolines?

Well, this is not to easy question to answer as price range for professional trampoline can go up to $15 000 (Ultimate 4×4), while prices for recreational trampolines vary from several hundred to several thousand dollars. You can also check our comparison chart and easily browse by selecting desired type, shape or size of your preference. If we take a look at best trampolines we have already reviewed then list would be something like this:

  • Ultimate 4x4 by EuroTramp - Competition Trampoline!
  • JumpSport "Elite" Round Trampoline
  • vuly thunder
    Vuly Thunder Round Trampoline
  • AlleyOOp PowerBounce 14 ft Rectangular Trampoline
    AlleyOop PowerBounce 10x17 ft Rectangle Trampoline
  • springfree large oval
    SpringFree 8x13 ft Large Oval Trampoline

1. Ultimate 4×4 by EuroTramp

Professional trampoline used in most trampoline contests around the World. But that kind of quality comes with a price. And Ultimate really costs a lot… Also, be advised that this is trampoline used in Olympic games so for home is a bit overkill. And as it comes without enclosure it is pretty clear that it is intended only for professionals. If you are looking for a trampoline for home, then stay away from this one. Complete review of this fantastic trampoline can be found here – Ultimate 4×4 Review

2. Springfree Inc. 8×13 ft. Large Oval

Coming from Australia, this trampoline really rocked the world as they showcased some really innovative solutions for specific problems. Theirs extra large oval trampoline is fantastic piece of equipment which will definitely bring smile on your face. Fantastic looks, high quality parts, all with increased safety. Springfree Large Oval review.

3. Vuly Thunder

Another trampoline and biggest competitor for SpringFree Inc trampolines, Vuly has several exceptional models which as Springfree bring innovative designs you surely never seen before. Full review of Vuly Thunder.

4. JumpSport AlleyOOp PowerBounce 10 x17 ft. Rectangular Trampoline

Recreational trampoline with one the best bounces we have tried. Combining very long and extra stretchy springs with high quality mat and we have this fantastic rectangular trampoline which all semi-gymnasts should try or use in their daily training routines. If not convinced, just remember that this is trampoline with best bounce you can get and it offers very high weight limit – up to 350 pounds. Full review here.

5. JumpSport Elite Round Trampoline

As it names says, this is a elite version of JumpSport`s recreational trampoline where you for a fraction of cost of professional trampolines get all the “know-how” of a successful manufacturer who is in trampoline business for more than 45 years and who invented enclosure netting. Very good trampoline for which we proudly give highest ranking yet – 4.8* (in category of recreational trampolines). Full review of JumpSport Elite is available here.


 Make sure to check our selection of 20 best trampolines for Season 2015/2016.


Top 5 Safest Trampolines?

Well, this one is a bit tricky as usually safest ones are ones with higher price. But we combined a list of safest trampoline, based on our trampoline reviews, which you should consider when users will be kids or teenagers.

  • Upper Bounce 15x9ft Rectangular Trampoline with Enclosure
  • vuly thunder
    Vuly Thunder Round Trampoline
  • JumpKing JumpPod 15ft round Trampoline
    Bazoongi JumpPod 15 foot Trampoline and Enclosure
  • alleyoop-powerbounce-14-ft-trampoline
    AlleyOOp 14 ft. PowerBounce Round Trampoline
  • Springfree Jumbo Square
    Springfree 13 foot Jumbo Square Trampoline

1. JumpSport PowerBounce 14 foot Trampoline

Thanks to carefully chosen parts combined with innovations, making it one of the sturdiest, safest and long-lasting trampolines you can buy today. If you want zero-worries trampoline that will last, AlleyOOp 14.ft trampoline is the one! Full review here.

2. Springfree Inc

Any model or size of Springfree trampolines are they are being marketed as worlds safest trampolines. And when you check what they have to offer you will be a step closer believing it. All reviews of Springfree Trampolines.

3. Vuly Thunder

Another list, another Vuly. As it is providing fantastic bounce it also provides added layer of safety – it will give you enough confidence while jumping  as there are no springs and no padding so you can fully enjoy jumping on complete surface of the mat without any risk of being injured.

4. Upper Bounce Rectangular Trampoline

Good sized rectangular trampoline which won`t disappoint you. It has good size, good overall quality and it comes with very good price and weight limit of 330 pounds. Full Upper Bounce review available here.

5. Bazoongi JumpPod 15 ft Round Trampoline

Coming from JumpKing and being sold by brand Bazoongi, this trampoline features fiber-glass poles which support enclosure, making sure no accidents will happen even if you jump directly on to enclosure. While weight limit is fairly low we know that this trampoline can manage much more than certification says… Full review of Bazoongi 15 ft trampoline.



Are there any Affordable, Best-Buy Trampolines?

Yes there in fact are, as this market is so huge we were able to compile list of most sold but affordable trampolines. Most of them come from well known US manufacturers and are being sold either on Amazon or Walmart. Here we will only include traditional trampoline types but with different shapes, as some special versions, like water trampolines can`t be mixed in the category. So let`s go from biggest toward smaller trampolines:

  • Ultega 14-foot Trampoline with Safety Enclosure
  • ExacMe 15 ft Trampoline
  • skywalker 15ft round trampoline
    Skywalker 15 feet Trampoline with Enclosure
  • SkyWalker 12 feet Round Trampoline with Enclosure
  • BouncePro 14ft Trampoline with Spinner Flash Litez

1. Skywalker 15 foot Round Trampoline with included Enclosure

With cost of around $300-$350 this trampoline truly is a star. All American brains combined in that size comes with a price that it not easy to refuse. Check latest price or full review of Skywalker 15 ft trampoline!

2. ExacMe 15 foot Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Even slightly more expensive that 15 ft Skywalker, ExacMe Trampoline is an Amazon “All-Star” Trampoline. Hundreds of happy customers have been using this trampoline for several years now, and exhilaration has not been smaller. With a fantastic weight limit of 375 pounds it just had to be on this list. Full review of ExacMe 15 ft Trampoline with enclosure.

3. Ultega Jumper 14 foot Round Trampoline with Enclosure

Ultega is trampoline manufacturer for a number of years, and while constantly improves it`s portfolio, this 14 ft model of round trampoline is still their #1 most sold trampoline. Great reviews with affordable price. Read our review of Ultega 14 ft trampoline.

4. Bounce Pro 14 foot Round Trampoline

Bounce Pro trampoline is not just regular trampoline. While tends to be on affordable side of equation, it still managed to offer a little extra, and in this case it is feature called “Spinner Flash Litez” – basically a spinning and flashing led lights which are attached underneath trampoline creating glowing center point. Full review of Bounce Pro 14 ft trampoline.

5. Skywalker 12 ft Round Trampoline

Another Skywalker trampoline on the same list. SkyWalker 12 foot round trampoline is a cost friendly solution if you are in need of entry model, 12 ft trampoline for children or teenagers. As with all SkyWalker trampolines quality is unquestionable. Our review of Skywalker 12 ft. Trampoline



Staying on trampoline – Fun games to play that will keep your child on trampoline for days to follow!

As with every toy they probably had, which they used to play for several hours or days and then ditch into some corner of the room, we have to say that it is no different with trampolines. But, as there is whole bunch of fun game ideas to play we can say for sure that your kids will surely find something they like. Among 30 trampoline games we described here some of them aren`t really aligned with safety guidelines, especially when it comes to number of people on the trampoline, but we strongly feel that if games will be played under constant supervision no problems issues should occur. But if you need trampoline game ideas then check our top list of fun trampoline games.

Trampoline is not a kindergarten and never forget that. Constant supervision of jumpers, especially kids, is required at all times. Having a safety enclosure doesn`t change a thing, so please do not leave your children without supervision.