Review of “Exacme Luxury Fibre pole” 15′ Enclosed Trampoline

We know Exacme as a manufacturer of value, sturdily built trampolines. This makes their foray into the world od ‘luxury’ trampolines a bit odd. The name surprised us, until we saw the unit itself. Apparently, their definition of ‘luxury’ is as modest as the asking price. While we were imagining the likes of Vuly 2 or Acon trampoline, we got a slightly upgraded regular trampoline. But that’s not bad at all! Read on!

Weight limit: 400 lbs. (180kg)

Our Rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Recommended Age: 12 – 99

Model #: 6183-L015

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Quick Specs: Exacme  “Luxury Fibre pole” –  15 feet Round Trampoline – 6W Legs – Enclosure – Net & Safety Pad – Ladder

  • Frame Steel Tube Size:1.65″(Diameter) x 0.06″(Thickness)
  • Frame Height:29.3″(Min)/37.8″
  • Galvanized Springs: 108 pieces
  • Spring Length: 7″
  • Enclosure Height: 71″
  • Enclosure Net Pole Pad Material: PVC
  • Pad Size: 15′ Outside Diameter With 13″ Pad Width
  • Pad Material: PVC+PE (7.9″ thickness)
  • Net Enclosure Pole Size: 1.26″(Diameter) x 0.05″(Thickness


Compared with run-of-the-mill budget trampolines, it is obvious at first sight that this trampoline is quite refined. It features sleek pitch black poles that complement the silver stainless steel legs brilliantly. They couldn’t shake their love of blue safety pads, though. Still, you have an option of ordering green pads if you’d like. All in all, a respectable presentation.


The structural stability is achieved with the help of 6 U-shaped legs. That’s four more than comparable trampolines offer, and it’s perfectly adequate for a 15 ft. unit.
The entire trampoline is galvanized and won’t rust. The trampoline is rated at 400 lbs., which is a weight you’d be hard pressed to go over (remember, one jumper at a time). Don`t mind if you somewhere see weight limit stated at 350 lbs, as official docs which arrived in package clearly say 400 lbs.

Stable and strong T-joints are used to connect the poles. This results in less lateral movement when bouncing and more energy transferred to the springs.


The enclosure is what the manufacturer had in mind when they mentioned luxury. Instead of classic galvanized steel tubing that is often used for enclosures, this one features flexible but firm fiberglass poles. The material is lightweight and the risk of getting hurt from striking the pole is markedly reduced.

The poles are also resistant to rust and corrosion (as they are not made of steel at all). As a point of reference, most fishing poles are made of the same material, so you know what to expect.

From inside the enclosure there are no visible metal parts; everything has been shielded with soft foam padding or stowed further away. The springs are within the enclosure area, but there is enough safety padding to not make it an issue.

The netting is taut and can be a bit tricky to assemble with its ropes and straps. It is worth it in the end, as the net doesn’t sag at all.

Entry and exit is via a zippered opening in the net. You also get a free ladder included in the package.


The bounce is above average for this class of trampolines. Ample fun is provided by its 108 (!) 7-inches long springs that are galvanized. The jumping mat is standard polypropylene. Overall, we were more than happy with the springiness and softness provided by the generous number of springs.
The bounce is also high and landing well-cushioned. At no point did we feel safe and out of control. Plus, little wobble when bouncing added to that perception, and the enclosure netting doesn’t budge when you bounce. Fantastic.

Installation & Warranty

The trampoline comes in three huge boxes with loads of parts. It might seem daunting at first, but it is doable in a single afternoon, as long as you keep track of the instructions. All hardware is included, so there is no need to purchase anything extra. Even if you lose a few parts, the manufacturer has packaged ample spares.

Exacme trampolines come with a 30-day return policy, with a total of 90 days’ warranty for all parts but the frame, which comes with a 1-year warranty. This should be improved, but apparently the manufacturer decided it’s not worth it for this asking price.


All in all, this trampoline is a basic unit with certain improvements. Are they worth the price premium? Emphatically yes! For a third of the price extra you get a trampoline with a huge number of springs, nifty enclosure and good quality materials. It really does feel premium despite its traditional design and a very acceptable price.

Strongly recommended!

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  • good build quality
  • great enclosure
  • quality materials
  • above average bounce


  • short warranty
  • looks too ordinary

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