Rectangular Vs. Round – Which is better?

Trampolines are not just pure pleasure and fun which costs money. Better think of it as investment into the future. It is great for health, it is great for fun, it is even great for sunbathing. Just think of all possibilities it has to offer. As you will see, rectangular trampolines are overall winners when it comes to everything, but that certainly does not mean that you should not consider round trampolines for your backyard. Remember – every product has it`s buyer.


Rectangular Trampolines VS. Round Trampolines      

Today standard trampolines come mostly in two shapes – round and rectangular. Main difference between them is not in appearance, but also in overall safety, price and user experience while bouncing.



Rectangular Trampolines VS. Round Trampolines – PERFORMANCE
Rectangular trampolines  give you higher jump while absorbing more landing force. Also, regarding user experience, main difference is int hat that rectangular trampolines will give you much more space for doing tricks, while round trampolines will try to direct you into the center of trampoline. Simply, it is a choice which more professional users typically stick with.

Rectangular Trampolines VS. Round Trampolines – USES
Round trampolines are designed for home and recreational rather than professional use. They accommodate less weight and force than rectangular trampolines, which are best suited for ever growing demands of gymnasts, divers and aerialists.

Rectangular Trampolines VS. Round Trampolines – PRICE
Round trampolines often feature a lower price than rectangular models, according to “” This is due to the inherent natural strength of the circular frame, which requires less added support than a square or rectangular frame design. Manufacturers can build round trampolines relatively easily, and at a low cost, which then gets passed on to the consumer.

Rectangular Trampolines VS. Round Trampolines  – SAFETY
The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia“ suggests that parents weigh the risks of trampolines carefully before making a purchase. If you decide that a trampoline is the right choice for your family or children, the hospital recommends sticking with round designs, which offer a less powerful bounce than rectangular models. The reduced spring size of those trampolines lowers your children risk of injury. This is general recommendation when it comes to toddlers and small children who still aren`t so skillful trampoline bouncers.

WARNING: Never mind which trampoline you have got, this is a recommendation for all of us:

  • Never have more than one child jumping on a trampoline. Multiple jumpers are great fun but also makes one of the most common reasons for accidents to happen.
  • Always use trampoline enclosures. It is MUST HAVE security system which is not expensive and can prevent a lot of accidents.
  • Always do full inspection of trampoline integrity. Check trampoline mats, check trampoline springs and at last, check trampoline frame for possible cracks. If you need to replace any of replacement parts, replace it and only then continue to use it.
  • Never let children on trampoline without supervision. Trampoline is not a kindergarten.