Oval Trampolines

JumpPod 8×14 ft. Premium Oval Trampoline

Trampoline review – This time we are reviewing Premium Oval trampoline which goes by brand “JumpPad” but is generally made by JumpKing, well respected manufacturer. Is this trampoline worth buying? Read our review and find out!
JumpPad 8×14 foot Oval Trampoline – Premium or not quite?

SpringFree 8×13 ft Large Oval Trampoline

This time we are reviewing one of the largest and safest trampolines available – SpringFree 8×13 ft Large Oval. Being advertised as safest trampoline on the planet, we wonder if this is only benefit this trampoline has to offer. Read our detailed review and decide if it worth of your money. Introducing SpringFree Large Oval! Click to read more…

SkyWalker 17×15 foot Oval Trampoline

Review of SkyWalker 17x15ft Oval Trampoline – One of the biggest trampolines available on the market! SkyWalker  17 x 15 ft. Oval trampoline and enclosure combo features a spacious oval sized bouncing surface making it ideal trampoline for larger families or for having friends joining a party. If this is not enough, this trampoline comes with fantastic price and it is one of the Amazon`s best selling trampolines of all