Zeny 12ft Round Trampoline with Safety Net

Review of 12ft Zeny® Trampoline Combo

Weight limit: 330 lbs (150 kg)
Recommended for: Age 6 – 10

Zeny 12ft Trampoline Specifications

Enclosure & Net Parts and accessories included in Zeny 12 package

The enclosure features a heavy-duty steel frame, and the net wraps nicely around the black poles. Eight poles do a good job of securing the net, and the feel when bouncing is that the trampoline is not constrained by the net at all. The net is okay, it’s made of regular mesh material and does it job perfectly fine. The trampoline looks good but we can’t escape from feeling that it is just another copy of cheap Chinese trampoline.

Size & Construction

The trampoline is rather large, measuring 12ft (3.60m). The steel frame is rust-resistant and the materials generally meet the industry standards. The standard 4-W leg system, common on a large number of cheaper trampolines, is adequate and the trampoline is stable if used only for jumping. We would advise you not to buy this trampoline if you plan to perform any kind of tricks. Also, not advised to buy for semi-gymnast or cheerleader training of any kind.
It does come equipped with a trampoline ladder, which is a nice addition, especially in this price point.

The frame is 31 inches (80cm) high and the trampoline itself weighs about 110 lbs (50 kilos). The manufacturer recommends the trampoline for ages 3 and up but our advice would be age 6 – 10.

The frame tubes are solid, measuring Φ1,5×0.05-inches (38×1.4mm), and are galvanized both inside and outside to prevent rust and other damage. Legs have the same size as the tubes. The trampoline is generally stable.

Mat & Bounce

The mat is made of standard PP material and is UV-resistant. The bounce is adequate, nothing to write home about, but not bad at all. The springs are covered by the PVC+PE pads 14 mm thick. They could have been a bit thicker as the trampoline is made for smaller kids, but should provide adequate safety if the trampoline will be used under supervision and exact rules will be in place. A total of 72 springs is standard in this class. The springs are galvanized as well.

Assembly & Warranty

This is where the problems start. The trampoline does come with all the tools necessary for assembly, but there are a few issues. Some of the parts are made shoddily and have large tolerances. This is the result of very bad quality control – we had to drill one hole ourselves because the screw wouldn’t fit. This just should not happen. The company will give out replacement parts, though. There have even been reports of parts missing from the package altogether!

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Our thoughts:

While the trampoline looks good and the specifications meet the industry standards, the trampoline suffers from a lack of quality control. This was probably done in order to keep the price as low as possible. But, even when taking all the issues into account, does represent extremely good value. If you’re willing to take the risk and a bit of a hassle should anything go wrong, you can certainly give this one a try and save a substantial sum of money. The trampoline, barring these issues, is surprisingly good and would definitely seem like a reasonable buy.

If you’re willing to do a bit of DIY as we did, it can be a reasonable purchase. Otherwise, avoid.

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