Resilience and Safety of Springless Trampolines

We live in modern and fast times. Every day there is something new invented. It is the same with trampolines. Who would thought that you could have trampoline without springs? And world got Springless Trampolines…

Introduction: Why were Springless trampolines even invented?

Springless trampolines are trampolines that are typically designed without springs. Traditional trampolines contain metal springs that connect to the springboard frame. The first spring-free trampolines were created in the Canterbury University of New Zealand by Keith Vivian Alexander.
Studies show that 70% of the injuries of trampoline accidents were caused by the steel frames and springs of the conventional trampolines. Springless trampolines lowered that number drastically exceeding everyoneş expectations.

It was Keith Vivian Alexander’s opinion that the impact zones of the traditional trampolines that were designed during the ‘30s must be engineered for safety purposes. He felt that the major areas of impacts were the springs that are on the jumping surface; the obstructions on the jumping surface that cause hurt to most of the jumpers; and the steel frame in the traditional trampolines found on the jumping surface, which might hurt the jumpers.

Hence, in the year 1999., he let out his initial model  of springless trampoline that had rods made of fiberglass, under the company “SpringFree Inc”, through which he started selling in 2004, and won the Australian Design Award.


Design of Springless Trampolines:

springless large oval
The visible difference in a springfree trampoline is that the rods are made from glass-reinforced fiber plastic rods unlike the springs made of steel coils in the traditional versions. The design addresses the most impact zones such as – springs, steel frames, and the ground aspects of the traditional trampolines.

The patented “Flexinet” design along with the enclosure rods of the springless trampolines prevent the falling of jumpers unlike the conventional models. The reinforced plastic roads, bend away from the jumper and the net on impact.

The “soft-edge” technology completely protects the jumper from any injury caused by falling on the frame unlike the traditional ones that had steel frames. Moreover, matt of the trampoline encloses the frame along with the top part. This provides a good cushioning that is strong enough to withstand even a strong beating. Also, the cushioning does not break, crack, or fade due to external influences or weather changes.

Safety of Springless Trampolines:

Is it safe to use a springless trampoline? Of course, it is safe even for children to use these. Of course, this would demand an increase in cost but you would find its worth with the safety it has to offer. The design is totally safe from enclosure to frame. Springless trampolines are  advertised as the safest trampolines on the market. But don`t forget to note that all standard safety guidelines still need to be respected.


Pros and Cons of Springless Trampolines:

Though all the points discussed above seem to project the advantages and plus side of the springless trampolines, there are few facts of concern too. Let us take a look at the pros and cons of this model.


  • It is very safe for children and adults. It prevents the jumper from falling entirely due to the “Flexinet” that is provided. Also, the fiberglass rods and the mat support the jumper from huge impacts if they happen to loose balance, without possibility of hitting a frame or any other solid part.

There are several healthy benefits from a safe trampoline. It is an efficient exercise for people of all ages. It also provides cardiovascular fitness and low impact exercise and builds strong bones by improving the mineral content and builds muscles. Along with several health benefits, there are mental benefits too since it provides happiness and boosts confidence along with fun.

  • Springless trampolines use sturdy elastic bands or flexible fiberglass rods instead of metal trampoline springs.
  • Springless trampolines come in  variety of sizes and shapes.
  • Springless trampolines were created with safety as the primary goal since regular trampolines have been known to cause injuries and accidents.



  • Since jumpers keep twisting on the mat, the trampoline becomes less bouncy, causing jumpers to strain more on their knees after long use of these trampolines.
  • If the kids who jump place the fingers near the rods, there is a potential risk for injury of fingers when an adult happens to jump on the side of the trampoline, which may cause the rods to come together.
  • There is a possibility of the net to go all the way and hit the ground if there is an adult who jumps deliberately. This might cause serious injuries.

However, the disadvantages seem to be easily manageable ones, when we are being careful.Assembllya-Spring-Free-Tram

  • Springless trampolines have slightly higher price than traditional trampolines.
  • Assembly lasts longer than on traditional round trampolines



Cost of Springless Trampolines:

A springless trampoline might cost around $1000.00 or more depending on the size. These are expensive but worth mainly due to the fact that they serve as an insurance for safety. Quality and safety is more important than the little extra price that you may have to pay.

Currently, best springless trampolines available on the market are those from SpringFree Inc and they main competitor – Vuly Trampoline.


There are other valid reasons why you may choose a springless trampoline. The good news is, none of the parts of the springfree trampolines have the risk of rusting or corroding. Also, these are weather-resistant and durable.

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Enjoy in video of SpringFree Inc. trampoline, with some safety advice…!


But are Springless Trampoline REALLY that SAFE?

Springless trampolines are the world safest trampolines but only if you take precaution while jumping, and that is follows:

  • no jumping for more than one person
  • do not jump in sneakers
  • avoid having sharp object in trampoline
  • do not over-estimate your possibilities.


Check out video how can go wrong even with ultra safe springless trampoline: