Trampoline Accessories

Selection of Best Trampoline Accessories

By using some of the trampoline accessories mentioned below you will greatly benefit not only from increased safety, but will also experience trampolines at it`s best. Check out what is being offered on the market and decide if it’s worth of your money.

Trampoline Bounce Boards

This bounce board is ideal for young adults involved in boarding sports, such as snowboarding and wake-boarding. Bouncing boards are flexible and safe to use on the trampoline mat.

Bounce Board trampoline board is constructed with closed cell foam which is strong and flexible with great shock absorption. The only trampoline board that won’t rip the surface of trampolines and it’s super-lightweight. Simply wear socks, get your feet into the foot beds and start bouncing.

Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Slam dunk on trampolines? Yes, all thanks to huge selection of available basketball sets. Most sets include backboard and inflatable or solid but detachable basketball, chosen on your personal preferences.

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Volley Ball Net Attachment

Made for Skywalker trampolines, but also for trampolines which have straight & high enough enclosure poles, this volleyball net will add extra dimension when it comes to sports. Ideal for bigger yards, net can be set up or stored within minutes. As height of net is adjustable it is suitable for any age group. Net has maximum height of 7.5 feet and maximum lenght of 19.5 ft. Manufacturer offers 90 days of limited warranty.

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Ladders are one of the most use trampoline accessories. Mostly people buy them for their children. They come in different sizes, based on your needs. Even they really do ease access for smaller children, always make rules that using a trampoline should always be supervised. Letting children jump on trampolines by themselves is against all safety guidelines.

Trampoline Ladder Ramp Slide

Is there better way to get of trampoline than a slide? Probably not. And being the safest way for smaller children to climb off making it definitely worth of money.

Trampoline Game & Party Pack

In those sets you will get selection of best accessories for playing most of trampoline games.

Trampoline Shoe Bag

Why would shoes be everywhere around trampoline when there is a slicker way to safeguard them.

Foam Pole Covers

Replacement trampoline enclosure foam. It comes in different lengths and they are designed to fit over your existing enclosure poles to keep jumpers safe. As those foam covers will probably be the first thing to degrade or dissolve (because of weather conditions) you will need to buy replacements as this is together with trampoline pad one of the main safety issues.

Trampoline Weather Covers

Protect your valuable trampoline from the nature elements, like rain, snow, sun and UV rays. Most of them have elastic cord to tuck it under trampoline frame like a fitted sheet. It also has multiple straps to secure to a trampoline legs .

Spring puller tool

Trampoline spring tool makes it easy to pull and prevents damage to the trampoline springs. I would advise you to get this as it can prevent injuries to your hands and fingers.

Wind Stakes (Anchor Kit)

If you live in the areas where heavy winds are possible throughout the year then it is more than welcome to anchor your trampoline to the ground by using these wind stakes.

Solar Lights Set

More a luxury than a necessity solar lights said would give you fantastic ambient to enjoy jumping even in late evenings.


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