Inflatable Trampoline Pool (by One Step Ahead) Review

 Inflatable Trampoline Pool by One Step Ahead: What you need to know

A trampoline and swimming pool – a dream come true from many kids in the neighborhood

It is an ideal trampoline for accommodating 2-4 kids of ages 2 or more. As you may be aware most trampoline pools demand parents to take out the pool lace/liner from the trampoline floor surface and  vice-versa) whenever children want to swap functions. This in a way consumes time and raises the likelihood of error. To avoid this, an inflatable trampoline pool is designed in a way that both the jumping floor and liner stay in place for good. This is what set this trampoline apart from many others available in the market.

trampoline pool

The dimensions of the trampoline stand at 72-inch in diameter and 15-inch in height. The dimensions make it ideal for 2-4 kids to be in it at any point in time.

Dedicated drainage valve

It also has a dedicated drainage valve in it which makes it so much easier to empty the pool by just opening it up. It also has the bouncer mode which allows the kids to take a jump one by one into the pool. As mentioned above, the user does not need to take off the floor lace which makes it so much easier for the parents to leave it to the kids to change the mode by themselves.


  • Simplicity

The drainage valve inside the trampoline pool is definitely a big advantage in this product. It simplifies the process of making the pool empty without any fuss involves in it. Apart from this, the fact that the floor lace is not supposed to be taken off while changing the mode of the trampoline makes it extremely easy for the parents to stay away from the trampoline while kids can easily change the mode themselves.

  • Large pool area

A large pool area also adds up to the joy experienced by the kid while playing in the pool. The attached play equipment which is provided in the background of the trampoline also adds up to the list of advantages that this trampoline provides.

  • Conversion from a bouncer to a pool is quite easy

Conversion from a bouncer to a pool is amazingly easy as it just requires flipping the trampoline upside down to change its mode. Smaller kids never touch the floor while using it because of its big enough diameter.


  • The problem with  big kids

The trampoline loses some of its air when used by the older kids in the trampoline mode. When this happens over a period of time, the kids end up touching the floor of the trampoline which can hurt the kids if not taken complete care of. An automatic pump to inflate the trampoline is highly recommended as filling it in all the time can be a bit cumbersome.

  • Lack of support on the sides

No support on the sides in the trampoline mode also compromises the safety of the kids at some times. A metallic support structure could have given it a more stable support structure apart from adding to the durability of the product.

Personal opinion

The product seems to be worth its cost at the first sight. Apart from some small issues, the advantages seem to win against the disadvantages hands down. Extremely useful and fun product for the kids, it is an ideal outdoor toy for any home which has a 2-4-year old child. The ease with which the modes can be changed by flipping the trampoline makes it a niche product. If the absence of safety walls on the trampoline mode can be neglected, I would recommend you to spread your bucks on it and give your kid an amazing fun time.

 The product is currently unavailable but you can check out the similar one on the image below!

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