Octagonal Trampolines

Magic Circle 14-Foot Rectagon Trampoline

So far we’ve been please with Kidwise products. They’ve usually been regular mid-range trampolines. Obviously, someone in the company thought that wasn’t exciting enough and decided to come out with an rectagonal trampoline. What was it like? Read more here!

Kidwise Octagon 16 foot Trampoline

The KidWise Magic Circle 16-Foot Octagon Trampoline is a trampoline with very high weight limit suitable for several children.

The KidWise Magic Cirlce16-Foot Octagon Trampoline is manufactured by KidWise. KidWise is well known for producing a variety of outdoor devices such as trampolines and bouncers. They are very respected manufacturer producing quality products that are made to last. The Magic Circle 16’ octagon trampoline follows this model very closely.

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