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Rectangular vs. Square Trampolines

Rectangular Vs Square Trampoline – Hard choice to make!
Maybe you know everything about round trampolines, but would you know how to decide between rectangle and square? What are the differences between those two, which is better, safer? If you are looking answers to those question then you are on the right place. Check our insights on both models and decide which one is perfect for you!

Facts About 12ft Trampolines

Have limited space? Then think about smaller trampoline! If you’re thinking of buying a trampoline and want to use it in limited space, then consider getting yourself 12ft trampolines. This is ideal for your backyard as this won’t take up much space. This is something which everyone in your family will surely enjoy. Now, you can spend more time with your family and can also be a good form of

Is Installing Inground Trampoline Good Idea?

Thinking about In-Ground Trampoline?
If you want to know how to increase safety of trampoline jumping while drastically improving aesthetics of your backyard then in-ground trampoline is thing for you. Learn how to do it yourself, what to be careful about and at the end – are they really safer than traditional enclosed trampolines!

Trampoline Fun Facts

“El trampolino” was the Mexican word for “diving board”, and one of the many words in common usage, which was once actually trademarked as “trampoline”. The first gold medal awarded in Olympic trampoline competition, went to Irina Karavaeva, of Russia. The event, which took place at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, was witnessed by George Nissen, the 86 year-old inventor of the trampoline. The famous picture taken in the

History of Trampoline

Why were trampolines even made? Who came up with an idea that jumping on stretchable mattress would be fantastic idea? Well, answers are hidden inside you, as kids are those who inspired man responsible for invention of modern trampoline.