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Springfree 13 foot Jumbo Square Trampoline

Jumbo Square 13 ft. Trampoline is not trampoline which would leave you speechless, but only if you haven`t seen it or try it. If 13 ft doesn`t sound so big, have in mind that this size is going both directions, offeriing you more than 155 square foot of jumping area. Still not impressed? Read complete 13 ft Jumbo Square Review, you will be.

Rectangular vs. Square Trampoline

Rectangular Vs Square Trampoline – Hard choice to make!
Maybe you know everything about round trampolines, but would you know how to decide between rectangle and square? What are the differences between those two, which is better, safer? If you are looking answers to those question then you are on the right place. Check our insights on both models and decide which one is perfect for you!