Inflatable and Water Trampolines

Inflatable trampolines are extremely fun piece of backyard equipment. Just imagine how much fun your guests will be having if there’s an inflatable trampoline that will entertain them throughout the party. These trampolines can easily be rented, fast to set up and take down. However, the best of all is that they provide fun moments to people of all ages. Set your foot on one of those bad boys and you will become a kid again.

As title says, inflatable trampolines can be either water trampolines. which are primarily used as floating trampolines in water and  inflatable bouncers, which are designed to be used on solid surface. To be able to distinguish them, term “inflatable bouncer” was introduced, just to make things more clear.

Are inflatable trampolines so different than regular backyard trampolines?

Almost everything is the same. Only thing different is trampoline frame and in this case is not metal but inflatable floating PVC platform anchored with rope to keep trampoline on place but still allowing shifting on waves which multiplies excitement factor. Another big difference is that there is no springs on inflatables, and for jumping you solely use air and mattress to provide bounce. Of course, height of bounce can `t even be compared to regular trampolines.  A water trampoline usually comes with handles, trampoline ladder and a padded collar for easier boarding and safer jumping. Some of the most common brands you might in water trampoline world are Rave and Aqua Sports. You can check some reviews of water trampolines.

Well, water trampolines are very similar to inflatables but with some differences:

  • they use trampoline mat – while inflatables are mostly without jumping mat, water trampoline still use conventional mats surrounded by inflatable tube which acts as frame.
  • generally more expensive than inflatable bouncers
  • fun factor – fantastic (A+) but comes with price.

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Renting an inflatable trampoline?inflatable1

Not only that renting of inflatable bouncer is easy and cheap, but it also gives  hours of entertainment at any event you might host. Enjoyment seen on children`s faces could be the main part of party. All shapes and sizes of inflatable bouncers are quite popular on various festivals and events. It is usually filled with kids or at times with balls or balloons for extra fun and pleasure. You can always have this as a great tool to catch your kid`s attention, while you are relaxing at the side.

When you have decided that you would get an inflatable trampoline for the next event that you will be hosting, the very first places that you would go to are the party rental and sports stores. You are ensured that you will be getting dozens of needed party stuff and accessories. One important key that you put in mind is that to give yourself and the rental store the enough time in order for you to have it on the needed day. Do not wait until the last second for you to make your move, or you might not be getting the best that you are hoping for.


Setting up an inflatable trampoline

  • The first thing that you have to do is to find a good and flat spot like a smooth grass. Remember that you should not set up the trampoline on cement because doing so will just heighten the risk for injury. Next, lay it out flat and ensure to smooth out the top part.
  • Second step on putting up an inflatable trampoline is to have a pump or an air fill. When renting one, make sure that it works properly. Hook this up to the trampoline and plug it in. As easy like that. The inflatable trampoline will be ready in about 3 hours or even less, so you have more time to continue setting up your party. When the party is all done, you can take it down easily by reversing the process, neatly fold it up in order for the next person to use and put it back in its case.


Important usage considerations of inflatable trampolines

  • Make sure that there is nothing sharp surrounding the trampoline. Any object that is sharp will definitely puncture the trampoline and will quickly deflate it. Even though there are many inflatable models that come with a patch kit, you still cannot trust them completely to be effective, especially if there are already holes poked into the lining.
  • Another thing is to keep your pets away from the trampoline. Even though they do not intend to inflict any damage, their claws are still dangerous to the inflatable trampoline. Since pets can rip extremely huge holes into the lining, they often damage them in just a matter of minutes. This is why inflatable trampolines are not suitable for houses that have a number of pets. However, if you truly want to put up a trampoline in your home, make sure that you set it up somewhere that your pets will not reach them, or lock your pets up so they won’t go near it.
  • The last thing that you should consider when using an inflatable trampoline is to make certain that you properly inflated the trampoline. If there is not enough air or if there is too much, there is a great chance that you will bust the liner. Typically, this is a much bigger problem compared to the other ones. In order to prevent this problem from happening, make sure that you know how fill the trampoline properly, as well as checking the inflation levels carefully. If you are able to closely watch on the right levels, the trampoline will last for years and it will less likely to break.

Have you read our safety tips?

Bouncing on inflatable trampoline

The common inflatable bouncers normally attracts smaller children, having fun times at yearly  football banquets, fairs and other city celebrations. But, a number of inflatable bouncers are available  to please grown-ups.

  • The B­unge­e Run i­s a   game designed to attr­act reasona­bly competiti­ve youngsters and gro­wn ups. Specifically fo­r tw­o membe­rs e­ach time, players are in a t­ight ­into ­a funnel linked wi­th a resilient bungee stri­ng. The bungee string ­is t­o an inflat­able­ wall ri­ght be­hi­nd the comp­eti­tors. People­ speci­es along two s­ide-by-side inflated runni­ng lanes so th­at they can exc­eed ­ea­ch ­other ah­ead of the b­ungee string butt­on sna­ps th­ese p­eople back again into th­e ­inflatable­ beg­inn­ing po­int. Th­e bunge­e run i­s fun for spo­rts a­thletes trying to e­xam­ine the­ir po­wer against the prohib­itive f­orce w­ith th­e b­unge­­e string. It requir­es to be­ set w­ithin 90 feet ­of a­ wall o­utle­t, w­ith no less than ni­ne fe­­et of overhe­ad ro­o­m. Gra­ssy are­as, concrete­ parking lots and spacio­us gymnasi­ums are suita­ble a­r­eas for hosting the wid­ely ­accepted bung­ee circus recreation.

Bunge­e ju­mp or bunge­e­ run are generally one of several fascina­t­ing inflatable trampoline­ games, that a­lso ra­nge from the inflata­ble ­obstacle­, ­inflatable water gam­es, wa­ter tu­nnel, and ­inflatable castle, and pouncing house. As soon as you would like t­o test yo­u­rself, you ca­n attempt ­one ­of these­. Here ­are­ just top tips fo­r yo­ur cho­ice­ in your extra t­ime for am­usement. You are welcome to check our list of top trampoline games