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ExacMe 15 ft Trampoline

ExacMe 15ft Trampoline, trampoline with crazy weight limit, low price and great reviews. Are there any hidden surprises? Read our review about 15ft ExacMe trampoline! This isn’t an super quality industrial trampoline that can handle an entire bunch of screaming kids… but with a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, it can still handle few people.. At 15’ in diameter, it will give everyone enough room to jump, not just

OZ 8-foot Round Trampoline with Enclosure Review

OZ 8 foot Trampoline for Kids OZ trampoline is well known trampoline manufacturer operating mostly in Australia. Their product provides excellent price/quality ratio and is considered one of the “best buy” trampolines available on the market. Even though price of those trampolines is significantly higher than competitors product they manage to find their buyers which are more interested not only on trampoline quality but also great customer service. Weight limit:

Square Trampoline, Trampoline All-rounder

Square Trampoline aka  “Multi-functional Trampoline”   Trampolines come in three shapes – a circle, a rectangle, and a square. Round trampolines are the most common type that is used by many when it comes to recreation, exercise, and play. The rectangle trampoline, meanwhile, is mainly used for athletic practices. The third and less common type is the square trampoline, caught in between in terms of function – giving a safe