Review of MaXimus Pro Quarter Folding Trampoline

In this market which is very saturated with all sorts of rebounders it can be difficult to differentiate oneself from the competition. Some opt for garish colors, others for extraordinary shapes. This one does neither, and takes a different route, a well-known one: Offer more for less.

Weight limit: 300 lbs (130kg)

Our rating: 4.4 Stars (4.4 / 5)

Recommended for: age 16+, for everyday training activities.

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The package includes a stability bar, an exercise DVD with a 3-month online subscription to a video service, a carry-on bag, exercise resistance bands and a set of weights. It is also foldable.That alone makes this rebounder a very enticing buy: Could this be an be-all end-all when it comes to rebound exercises, not requiring a single cent more to spend? Well, and we’re pleased to say that, yes indeed.

Design Maximus-pro-quarter-folding

The design is very classic without bold design choices. There’s an air of Britishness to it (the trampoline is originally British). It won’t take your breath away, but it looks very pleasant and sturdily build. There are silver accents around the black mat and safety skit, courtesy of the metal frame parts.


The steel tubing is surprisingly capable, with a generous 300 lbs weight limit (about 140 kilos). That’s more than enough for most use cases. In any case, it never feels unsafe to use. It is extremely stable, aided with black rubber pads on each of its six legs. These pads absorb excessive forces and also reduce noise. It shouldn’t rust, but then again it shouldn’t be left out in the rain either. No guarantees there.

The handle bar is set 36 inches above the mat, and unfortunately, it’s non-adjustable. Something obviously had to give, and the handle bar is where they did it. It’s still usable for most people, unless you’re really tall. The trampoline itself is set 10 inches from the floor.

Bear in mind the manufacturer doesn’t recommend this model for children.

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Bounce maximus pro rebounder springs

The rebounder follows a tried and true formula, not unlike a Volkswagen. It needs none of that bungee cords and elastic bands, no thank you. MaXimus Pro opts for old-school metallic springs, and it sports 36 of them. This is enough for a trampoline of this size, 40 inches that is. They are large and provide a Goldilocks bounce, as we like to call it –it’s just right.
There’s no fear of bottoming out as these springs are more than adequate in resistance.

Mind you, just like a Volkswagen, if you don’t want it to squeak, you should oil the springs from time to time. You get some grease included so as to prevent these incessant noises. If you do that, it’ll be quiet as a guttermouse.

Warranty & Assembly

All parts can be replaced and ordered separately. This greatly increases its lifespan as you won’t have to junk it if something happens to a single leg, for example.

The warranty isn’t quite its strongest point, with a year’s warranty on the frame, half a year on the mat and the springs, while the rest is covered with a three-month warranty. Make sure to register in online via their website, otherwise you could be left out dry. Their customer support is quite good overall, and they are easy to reach, whether via an e-mail or phone.

The instructions are an example of well-made and usable material. You’ll find the trampoline hassle-free to set up. You get a few extra parts, like rubber pads, don’t let that confuse you. However, take care when folding it (yes, it is quarter folding; it folds twice), as it’ll require a lot of muscle strength to do for the first few times. Lithe women, do not attempt to do so on your own.


This is a trampoline best suited for more advanced users who feel they can get their money’s worth from the included equipment. Beginners could also benefit from this, but their money would more effectively be spent on a Stamina 36-incher (entry level) or a bit more advanced model as Jumpsport mini trampoline Model 250.

For a mid-range choice, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything better for your hard-earned cash.

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