Zupapa 14ft (4.3m) Trampoline

Zupapa 4.3m Round Outdoor Trampoline

Weight limit: 190 kg/ 14 stone
Available Size: 4.3m

Obviously, this trampoline is foreign-made and imported, but Zupapa are big on certificates and display their TÜV certificate proudly. This, in essence, means that it has been certified by TÜV Nord, a highly respected European certification agency for sporting equipment for standards in manufacturing and materials. But, let us jump onto Zupapa trampoline review!

size of zupapa trampoline


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Design of Zupapa trampoline:

Zupapa trampoline is one of the trampolines that really surprised us. We expected just a regular average quality trampoline. But all I can say – we were wrong! Zupapa is a fairly unknown trampoline brand that tries to position itself as a maker of good, best-buy products that are very safe. That’s rather ambitious, but let’s not discount them from the get-go.


In practice, the Zupapa trampoline 14ft set comes with a 1.65″ diameter steel tubing, 1.5 millimeters thick. The manufacturer claims that it’s much thicker than the rest – close, but no cigar. It’s perfectly, adequate, though. Zupapa can safely be left outside since frame is galvanized to ward off rust, but not throughout the year, as snow will degrade every single part, so storing it is a must.

weight capacity of zupapa round trampoline

Frame features double-reinforced legs thanks to the use of long enclosure poles that go all the way down to the ground. This adds structural stability to the trampoline and makes for a more responsive bounce. The poles are enclosed in foam 1cm thick. Nope, that’s not much, but others aren’t much better either, except in some more pricey models, like Plum Magnitude or Rebo Base Jump.

The design is same old and quite boring, if you ask us, similar looking that a lot of trampolines out there. It sports a shade of “boring blue” as we like to call it; this is an indication of an overseas-manufactured cookie-cutter parts. But this is not a trampoline you buy for its looks alone.

Note: You’ll get a complimentary ladder, which will be very useful for smaller children.


Downsides of this trampoline is that quality of the enclosure is not so great, but if you take care (cover it with trampoline tent) it should be fine for several years. Enclosures can be purchased separately so you should not have any problems in case you’ll need a replacement. We hope that model 2022 will fix those mistakes.

UV-protected PolyEthylene netting helps keep bouncers safe, together with new no-gap design that keeps the springs away from the enclosed area.
The overall height of the trampoline is 2.5m (98 inches), with a ground clearance of 26 inches. We liked that the enclosure is rather high, and that the pads were pleasantly thick (3.3 centimeters / 1.3-inches). This is above average but PVC which covers it is not so good, so expect the safety pads to give out the soonest. Some have experienced severe wear in just under a year and they can be costly to replace. The damage is mostly cosmetic, though. There were no such problems with enclosure or mat.

Bounce & Tech

A major plus point for the trampoline is the fact that it comes with 96 galvanized springs, not same as they had on 15ft model but way more than smaller ones have (60 springs). And they are quite long – 7 inches each. That’s among the best for the size: competitor models with similar design have only 72. This, of course, translates to a more responsive and comfortable bounce. It’s much smoother and more enjoyable, and the trampoline doesn’t twist when you jump, thanks to the good design of the legs.

no gap design between springs and padding

The mat is UV-resistant with 6-rows of stitching, very good and responsive (thanks to large number of springs), but fairly basic otherwise. Too bad they didn’t use 8-row stitching model, as that is the one they offer for replacements. Strange, but we are pretty sure that Zupapa recognized the error and that new models with have 8-rows.  Mat itself consists of 96 V-rings (always same number as springs, in case you’re ordering replacement mat).

You get a ladder for getting on and off the trampoline and a mat cover to help preserve the trampoline in severe weather. As for the trampoline stakes or anchors, get them if you want to be absolutely safe. But, the trampoline is quite heavy when assembled so they might not even be necessary – if you live outside hurricane/tornado-prone area.

The overall weight limit is 425 lbs (190kg) which is enough for a single person and then some, so you are perfectly safe. It doesn’t feel unsafe to bounce on at any moment.

Assembly & Warranty

Zupapa 15ft trampoline comes in three HUGE boxes. Don’t be put off, however, as the instructions are simple and it’s doable: just be patient!
Everything is included in the boxes, and you won’t need any extra tools. You even get a pair of gloves so that you don’t get your hands dirty with oil and grease from the metal parts. They’ve really tried to make installation as simple as possible.

The hardest part is putting the foam sleeves on the enclosure poles. If you’re having trouble like we did, just secure it with duct tape or something similar. You should be done in an hour, two hours tops! No parts were missing when the trampoline arrived.

The customer service is good, actually, and they will help you replace parts easily if broken under warranty, no questions asked. Expect great service, even better if you buy it on Amazon as they are the ones would be dealing with replacements!

The warranty is 3 years on the frame, 1 year on mats and springs, and 6 months on trampoline pad and the enclosure netting. Accessories have a 3 months warranty. It’s not the longest, but as we said, when the customer service is one email away.

If you’re looking for a no-frills 14 ft trampoline that is available in United Kingdom, this is the model to consider.