Zupapa 14ft (4.3m) Trampoline

zupapa trampoline 14ft

Zupapa 4.3m Round Outdoor Trampoline Weight limit: 190 kg/ 14 stone Available Size: 4.3m Obviously, this trampoline is foreign-made and imported, but Zupapa are big on certificates and display their TÜV certificate proudly. This, in essence, means that it has been certified by TÜV Nord, a highly respected European certification agency for sporting equipment for standards in manufacturing and materials. But, let us jump onto Zupapa trampoline review!   Check latest price on Amazon UK

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Hudora Sky 110 Mini Trampoline

Hudora Sky 110 Mini Trampoline - 110cm (42")

Hudora Sky 110 Review Weight limit: 100 kg (16 stone) Diameter: 110 cm (42″) Recommended for: People interested in weekly rebound sessions Hudora, German company founded in 1919,  and with their motto “We move people”,  is really not far from true. They are manufacturer of different kinds of sports equipment and not a stranger to the world of trampolines. With its Hudora Sky 110 mini trampoline, Hudora shows that the equipment is more than just

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Plum “Magnitude” Round Trampoline

plum magnitude 14ft

Weight limit:125 kg (20 stone) Size: 4.26m/14ft Recommended for: Age 6 – 15 Plum Magnitude Trampoline features an exceptionally innovative bubble-shaped design where poles are curved to the outside providing jumpers with a massive jumping area. This patented trampoline enclosure called 3G, separates frame and springs from jumping mat, making it very safe for anyone using it. IF 14ft is too big, do not worry as Plum Magnitude is available in five sizes. Plum Magnitude

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Cortez Premier 10-foot Round Trampoline

cortez 10ft trampoline -3.05m

Weight limit: 100 kg Recommended for: Age 6 -12 Available in two colours, black and green (cheaper version but not so eye-catching), Cortez “Premier” trampoline is a good choice for smaller children, up to 12 years of age. Specifications: Frame:  38 x 1.3mm thick, connected to 3 w-shaped support legs. The total height of the frame from the ground is 80cm Springs: 54 pieces of zinc-plated and heat tempered steel springs, 7″ (178mm) long. Mat:

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Woodworm 10 foot (3.05m) Round Trampoline

woodworm trampoline

Weight limit: 150 kg Recommended for: Age 6 – 12 This is another mid-sized trampoline, this time by Woodworm, a company that makes various sports equipment and apparel. So, the real question is – Is their trampoline up to par? Well, mostly yes, with a few caveats. It’s a good trampoline for the price. It has galvanized steel tubes and springs that ensure it stays rust-free. The polyester mat is coated with UV-resistant material and

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We R Sports 12 ft (3.66m) Round Trampoline

WeR Sports trampoline

Weight limit: 120 kg single person, 180 kg combined. Recommended for: Age 8-13 This modestly priced trampoline has a lot to offer and doesn’t seem shoddily built at all. It comes with an enclosure, which is an industry standard, but also has a nifty ladder that lets you climb up and down the trampoline easily. Mind you, it’s not the best ladder there is, but it does the job. The same goes for the enclosure

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Ultrasport 3.5m Round Trampoline

ultrasport 3.05m circular round trampoline for kids

Ultrasport 10 foot round trampoline Weight limit: 120 kg Recommended for: Ages 4-8 This very nice trampoline model comes from Ultrasport. It’s midsized and very adequate for smaller backyards or if you simply prefer to have a smaller trampoline than the usual 14 or 16 feet. The frame is made from galvanized steel construction supported by 3 W-shaped legs, with a total height of frame 80cm from the ground. It comes with 54 springs that

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Airmaster 4.26m “Mega Bounce” Round Trampoline

airmaster trampoline

Airmaster 14 ft “Mega Bounce” round trampoline – 4.26m Weight limit: 125 kg single user /180 kg combined Recommended for: Age 8 – 18 Airmaster is well known global trampoline manufacturer whose trampolines were always at the top of the game. Their latest, 2017. a version of the trampoline is one of the coolest trampolines you can purchase for the money, and thankfully, is not all about the looks. Their newest Airmaster “The Bounce” series

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