Rebo Base Jump with Halo II Enclosure

Review of Rebo 12FT (3.66m) Base Jump Trampoline with Halo II Enclosure

Weight limit: 100kg tested, but can withstand at least 150kg

Rating: [usr 4.6]
Recommended for: Age 10-14

We were a bit sceptical when we got this trampoline for review, as we haven’t heard about Rebo for a while. The company has 45 years of experience and it turns out, they’ve been working for years on this new model, or so they say, and we aren’t disappointed. It’s large and it has got a good bounce. There are some better options available, but not for the price and without an enclosure like this. Speaking of the enclosure, it’s called The Halo II, and we liked it very much, as it not only looks nice, but also feels really, really safe. Overall, we feel that you can’t go wrong with this model, and considering the price, we consider it a good package overall. Recommended!

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Rebo 12ft Trampoline Specifications rebo trampoline 12ft specifications

Springs: 72 pieces 7-inch long
Padding: 20mm
Length: 366 cm
Width: 366 cm
Height: 240 cm
Colour: Green
Warranty: 12 Months
Assembly Time: 2 Hours
Max Weight: 100kg


Frame and size

This is a rather large trampoline. It has a round shape with a diameter of a stunning 366 centimetres (12 feet) and is 240 cm high (with Halo II enclosure). The frame is made of quality 38mm x 1.5mm tubes, and it looks fairly sturdy. This is somewhat of an industry standard nowadays, so there are no unwelcome surprises here. We liked the design. It looks really sleek and modern – the green accents look so eye-catching!
There are a few versions of this trampoline available, and they vary in size. You can get it in a size from eight to 14 feet. Since we’ve only reviewed the 12ft version, we cannot say anything about the quality of other models, but we’re fairly certain it’s not much different than this model.

Springs & Pads

This trampoline comes with a fair number of springs, 72 in total. They are 7 inches long and are zinc-plated and heat tempered. This means they should last quite long and, in general, stay quiet. The trampoline has a nice bounce and feels much better than the cheap stuff one can find in the stores.
The pads are 2 cm thick and are made of Polyethylene. The mat is standard and we couldn’t find any shortcomings.
The maximum weight is rated at 100 kg, even though we feel it can take quite a bit more, at least 150kg. But testing that would be ill-advised, so keep the 100kg figure in mind.

Enclosure Rebo trampoline enclosure

One of the thing we liked the most about this trampoline is its spectacular enclosure. It looks stunning, but also very safe at the same time. When bouncing, you do not get the feeling of being somehow limited or constrained as with other trampolines. The frame of the enclosure is covered with soft pads in order to maximise security.
The enclosure itself is an improvement of the old one (Halo I), and an improvement it is! It’s much sturdier and rigid. It is not flimsy at all and we were confident children were safe all the time while jumping.

As an assurance to its quality and safety, the trampoline has been approved by/conforms to TUV, GS, EN-71 Part 14, and CE standards.


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Assembly of Rebo 12ft Trampoline

The trampoline comes with a handy toolkit and full instructions. You should be able to assemble it on your own following the instruction booklet. It will take you about two hours, though, maybe more if you’re inexperienced; so if you are not confident enough or do not have the time, you can ask a professional for help.

Warranty & Accessories

Revo offer a full, comprehensive 12-month warranty. We felt this was a bit lacklustre, as there are trampolines with a substantially longer warranty period. However, we’ve got no reason to doubt the build quality on this one. Warranty or not, it should last you a long, long time.
A ladder for the trampoline is also available, and it comes with trampoline, as does protective cover. Too bad there aren`t any additional accessories, like Trampoline Basketball Hoop or BounceBoard. The trampoline would be much more child-friendly if this were included, even if the price were bumped up a bit.

Pros Rebo trampoline 12ft

  • Good quality
  • Excellent Halo II Enclosure
  • Great design
  • Fair price
  • Firm bounce
  • Sturdy
  • Safety approvals from various agencies
  • Included ladder and trampoline cover


  • Short warranty
  • Assembly can be difficult