Kids Trampolines

Little Tikes 7′

Little Tikes Trampoline Review This time we are reviewing one of the best looking trampolines for kids – Little Tikes 7ft round trampoline. But, is good looks everything that this trampoline has to offer? Of course not. Being one of the best trampolines with highest ratings of part quality as well as safety features, this trampoline is one to think about buying for your toddler. Weight limit: 45 kg (7

Plum Kids Magnitude Trampoline and 3G Enclosure

On review from Plum we had the large, 12ft / 3.6m round trampoline. Plum is a well-renowned company known for its safety and quality of construction. However, not all is so clear-cut, and we did experience a few problems with it… Read more

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