Little Tikes 7ft (2.1m) Indoor Trampoline for Kids

Little Tikes Trampoline Review

This time we are reviewing one of the best looking trampolines for kids – Little Tikes 7 ft round trampoline. But, is good looks everything that this trampoline has to offer? Of course not. Being one of the best trampolines with highest ratings of part quality as well as safety features, this trampoline is one to think about buying for your toddler.

Weight limit: 45 kg (7 stone)

Recommended for: Toddlers & children, Age 2 – 6

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Little Tikes 7 foot Round Trampoline for Kids Specifications little-tikes-7ft-trampoline-for-kids

Little Tikes 7 ft. trampoline is for outdoor use, but if you are not limited by space it can be used as indoor trampoline – perfect for colder days! Height of Little Tikes trampoline is 7.5 ft.


Frame of this trampoline is made from blow-molded plastic which covers steel base, reinforcing it so it`s sturdy enough to support your child in their happy moments of play on this trampoline. It is a ideal playground for your toddler or a bit older kids! Height of frame alone is around 1 ft. (12-inches). Be aware that color of plastic can easily fade if exposed to direct sunlight for a longer periods of time. We would advise setting it up in a shady area.


36 galvanized steel springs which provide good but not so high bounce. After all, we haven’t expect more as this trampoline is considered to be your child`s first trampoline.


Mat is made from PolyVinyl and has overall jumping mat size of 21.65 sq. ft. Be aware that replacement mat for Little Tikes 7 foot trampoline can`t be bought separately. If mat goes, trampoline goes…

Trampoline pad:

Trampoline safety pad covers all parts, from frame to springs. It’s not as thick as usually is on regular outdoor trampolines but there is no need for it, as trampoline doesn’t have any steel parts, so padding will do it’s job.



Safety enclosure is made of PE netting and it`s supported by 6 heavy-duty steel poles which are padded with soft but durable foam.


Assembly requires 1 hours and minimum 2 people, but it can be done by single person only. You will need to use some strength to put springs into place, where provided loading tool comes in handy! When fully assembled the structure has a dome shape with a circular base for jumping. Total diameter of Little Tikes trampoline is 7.4 ft. (roughly 90-inches) with dimensions (when assembled): 228.6 x 243.8 x 155.7 cm

Download Assembly Manual


Little Tikes trampoline comes with 90 days warranty on all parts. We hope that in future Little Tikes will change this as it is way too short.


  • Made from durable plastic with steel frame as base
  • Very safe
  • Provided spring loading tool & shoe bag
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor
  • Price/quality ratio


  • Assembly could be a bit easier
  • Plastic parts can fade if exposed to sun
  • Additional textures on trampoline mat would make it more appealing to toddlers
  • Short warranty period

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