Telstar ELITE Rectangle Trampoline Review

Size: 3.05×4.56m (10x15ft)
Weight limit: 175kg (27.5 stone)
Recommended for: Age 9+

We haven’t seen much development in the world of rectangular trampolines, and we are eager to try out any new models that come out. Today we are presenting you with a review of their top of the line model carrying the ELITE moniker. It’s a 10x15ft monster (and as they say, bigger=better 😉) so make sure to stay with us.

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10ft x 15ft Rectangle Trampoline –  Telstar ELITE Specs



telstar elite rectangular trampolineNo two ways about it – the Telstar Elite is a looker. The ‘waspy’ combination of charcoal black and orange gives it a very fresh and enticing look. The lines are sleek and it looks like a fine addition to any backyard.

Frame & Enclosure

The enclosure poles are very flexible but sturdy at the same time. They absorb jumping forces very well and result in a largely dampened trampoline movement. The netting doesn’t wobble as a result and everything feels sleek.

The flexible enclosure can be easily removed and covered for winter-proofing and storage. The poles are amply padded with black foam in case of contact with them.

The black colour is not there just for show. The 60 x 2.5 mm steel frame is powder-coated to prevent rust and ensure that the frame will withstand the elements if left outside. The frame is 90 cm high, and you get a ladder that can help with entry and exit. The trampoline entrance is zippered and accented orange so you know there the exit is.

It’s no wonder the frame can take a whopping 175 kilos of weight (with a healthy safety margin).

Bounce & Mat telstar springs

Rectangular trampolines are generally known for a smoother, staggered bounce. This one is no exception. Owing to phenomenally long (8.5 inches) 94 springs, the bounce is very responsive and among the highest we’ve seen. The springs are galvanized.

We didn’t like how the springs anchored to the mat. The holes in the mat seem like weak points that could fail with heavy use. We say could: we don’t think it will happen during the first few years of use, if at all, but we cannot discount the possibility.

The Permatron mat is, however, of high grade finish and nicely complements the exemplary capabilities of the springs.

Safety & Pad

Overall we feel the trampoline is extremely safe. The enclosure netting is sewn onto the mat without any free space where you could contact the springs. They are additionally protected with 2.5 cm thick foam padding in a sturdy black PVC cover.

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Installation & Warranty

The relatively high price of the trampoline is more than justified. See, the assembly part is a non-issue with the trampoline, as the company offers nationwide installation services within 10 working days of placing your order. The service currently covers England and Wales, but alternative arrangements can be made in advance.

In case your area is not covered, or you wish to install it yourself, you aren’t in a bad spot. The installation is rather easy. The parts are all there and it’s straightforward. The instructions could be better, though.

This ELITE model comes with a very comprehensive warranty:  Ten years on the frame and two years on the springs, mat and netting is solid.

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