TOP Mini Trampolines and Rebounders!

Rebounders? Rebounding, huh?

When it comes to trampolines, nothing is as simple as it seems. Trampolines can be a lot of fun but also serve as a great exercise option. This is doubly so for mini trampolines, many of which are made precisely to serve this function. Mini trampolines are often referred to as “rebounders” and exercises are dubbed as “rebounding exercises”.

Is jumping on a mini trampoline good exercise?

With exercises on a rebounder or mini trampoline you`ll build not only your muscles but will also gain more stamina and more flexibility than on standards jogging exercise. Being regular, you will be able not only to boost your energy level but also improve your general health.

It is a great piece of workout equipment that can help you accomplish your fitness goal while providing a fun way to exercise, play indoors and get fit. And the best part? They can be used by everyone, from toddlers to seniors.

Rebounding Benefits

  • Fun

One of the biggest benefits to rebounders or mini trampolines, in general, is the fun factor. Unlike other methods of boring, redundant exercises, trampolines will often provide endless hours of fun. Ok, maybe not hours, as jumping for such a long time would make you a superhero.
If anything else, it would remind you about childhood (who can say that hasn’t jumped on the bed?)

  • Boosts the lymphatic and immune system

One unknown benefit to jumping on trampolines is their ability to increase lymphatic flow. The movement creates pressure changes in the body, which works like a vacuum to suction out toxins and bacteria in the body. The activity increases white blood cells, which helps fight illness.

  • Reduce Stress

The stress hormone cortisol can have adverse effects on your body. Regular exercise will release relieve stress and tension. The “G” force, or effects of gravity in jogging, can increase the impact on your feet, to a value that is equivalent to four times your body weight. Using a trampoline can reduce that stress by 80%, providing a safe, effective way to exercise for older adults and those with certain physical challenges.

  • Low Impact Cardio

Most cardio exercises are high-impact and difficult on the body. Trampolines are soft, unlike roadways or trails used for running. Running often leads to foot or leg problems from constant jarring. Jogging or jumping on trampolines is cardio, but always low-impact.
Rebounding even for a small period of time increases your heart rate while it burns calories.

  • Burn Calories

Any aerobic activity can burn calories, so jumping on a trampoline can`t be excluded. Rebounding on a mini-trampoline or rebounder can and will increase your metabolic rate, as it is a kind of HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) which means you continue to burn calories even after you’re done jumping.

  • Reduce Body Fat

Burning calories will lead to the reduction of body fat. A study from NASA has shown that rebounding would burn around 400 calories, so basically, it would burn more calories than one hour of jogging.

  • Build Muscle and Bone Mass

As we age, we begin to lose muscle and bone mass. This leads to many issues throughout the body, including osteoporosis. Jumping on a mini trampoline or rebounder increases the G-force on a body (to a value that is equivalent to four times your body weight), which will strengthen muscles and increase bone mass. Regular exercise on a trampoline can drastically reduce the chance of developing osteoporosis.

best mini trampolines


Mini Trampoline & Rebounder Reviews


Those of you in-the-know have likely heard about Fit Bounce. They’re one of the more popular brands in the US, and for a good reason. The 40-inch Fit Bounce offers excellent quality and plenty of bells and whistles even for the most demanding users. Its robust construction and quality materials make it a reliable choice for many years to come. However, it is priced a tad above its competitors.

fit bounce pro mini trampoline


The trampoline looks stunning. A cheap rebounder it isn’t. The frame is sturdy and can take up to 135 kg. The most important feature is its bungee cords that provide a more responsive bounce for exercise. This isn’t a hobby trampoline that you’ll use only to jog, it is a full-blown rebounder to do all kinds of workouts.

The bounce is a lot softer than on comparable spring based rebounder trampolines. The cords are also very silent, which makes this attractive for indoor or apartment use (use on a carpeted area). The bounce meter feature is easy to set up and use – it tracks your bounces so you have a baseline to track your progress.

Overall, this is a well-built trampoline without any obvious drawbacks. This, of course, comes at a correspondingly high price point. However, if you exercise often, it’s well worth the investment.


  • Two replacement cords included with every package
  • Carry bag
  • Fantastic build quality
  • Bounce-o-meter feature
  • Workout DVD included
  • Stable legs with rubber nubs
  • 3-month trial membership to Fit Bounce’s workout website (worth trying out)
  • Responsive customer service


  • Pricey
  • Stability bar costs extra
  • Can be difficult to fold

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Tunturi Foldable Trampoline 41 inch

The Tunturi rebounder is a serious contender for a best-buy exercise trampoline of the season. This classic 41-inch spring rebounder comes with an included stability bar and has the option to partially fold and serve as an inline jumping workout.
Tunturi mini fitness trampoline


Design-wise, the trampoline ticks all of the boxes. This applies both to aesthetics and functionality, though it does look a bit bland. On the other hand, it functions well for the price point and does not have any glaring flaws that would make it insecure or limit your scope of exercise. The feet have anti-slip nubs and the complimentary stability bar comes with a foam handle that is best described as adequate.

34 springs keep provide a firm bounce and the build is good for up to 140kg (22 stone). The rebounder comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Stability bar included
  • Good build quality
  • Incline workout
  • Folds into quarters (great portability)
  • Replacement parts available


  • Squeaky springs (fix with lubricants)
  • The stability bar can be wobbly
  • No additional exercise material

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Urban Rebounder

It’s not all about the looks. The Urban Rebounder looks seriously stunning and comes with a fairly extensive list of extras. However, the Tunturi Foldable Trampoline offers comparable quality at a much lower price point. It’s certainly a more sensible purchase if you aren’t a stickler for exercise DVDs. Overall, it may be suitable for casual users, but then, there are cheaper options around.

pro urban rebounder


The red elements are eye-catching and the entire trampoline generally looks presentable. The same feeling translates into actual use, but only to a lesser degree. One can feel a bit of flimsiness unsuitable for a rebounder of this price range. Incline exercise is an option and functions rather well. Springs can be squeaky, but a dash of WD-40 can fix this issue. Customer service is responsive and is quick to fix any issues that can crop up. Overall, you get a mid-range trampoline with good customer care eager to compensate for any shortcomings – and there are more of these compared with the previous two on our list.


  • Extras (2 DVDs, handlebar)
  • Incline leg kit
  • Stability bar included
  • Quarter foldable


    • Inconsistent quality control
    • Poor metal coating
    • Can be too difficult to fold
    • Handle difficult to fit


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Bodymax Mini Trampoline

A cheap and cheerful trampoline for casual users. Could this 40-inches be the go-to rebounder for those who want to test the waters? Well, yes – provided you aren’t demanding and use it occasionally.

bodymax mini trampoline


Its blue skirts do not scream quality, but in fact, there is little wrong with this trampoline if you just want to dab your feet and not lose a bunch of money if you decide rebounding isn’t for you. This means there is no stability bar, no bells and whistles – just a simple mat, six legs and regular springs. They aren’t as long as with other rebounders, so the bounce is less springy and rougher. Then again, its 40-inch diameter can fit people weighing up to 100 kilos. There are no serious gripes except the fact that rubber feet nubs are too rough and tend to leave marks.


      • Affordable
      • good value
      • solid mat
      • lightweight
      • quiet


      • somewhat stiff
      • no extras
      • unsuitable for full-fledged workouts
      • hard rubber on the legs leave marks
      • don’t expect it to last more than a year with heavy use

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Body Sculpture Aerobic Bouncer

Rebounding on a budget seems more possible than ever. Yet another cheap as chips trampoline for us to try out – and the general verdict is fairly positive if a bit unconvincing: the rebounder offers plenty for its price.

body sculpture aerobic bounderDesign

The trampoline looks quite nice owing to its silver skirt, but that’s the sticking point as well. It isn’t as well made as it looks and it’s prone to tearing. The rebounder is 36 inches, which means it’s a tad smaller than the Bodymax unit (and costs a few pounds extra). The bounce is surprisingly good for the price, however, the springs can be noisy. Assembly is very easy and durability seems to be better than with comparable cheapo units. It does feel like you’re going to break it when you bounce, but so far it hasn’t been the case with us even when approaching the 100 kilos weight limit.


      • Good value
      • Durable for the price
      • Solid bounce
      • Easy assembly


      • Skirt tears quickly
      • Noise
      • Could be too small (36in)

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Sportplus Fitness Trampoline

Now for something completely different. Who said a mini trampoline needs to be round? It doesn’t – and this unit isn’t half bad once you get used to the hexagonal shape.

sportplus fitness trampoline


The hexagonal shape is a breath of fresh air compared to the large round world of trampolines and it does make all the difference. This model is available in several colours – green, red and blue – but the differences are purely cosmetic. Even though it isn’t shown in the pictures, you do get a spring cover. With a max weight of 130 kilos, most users will be able to use it worry-free. Bungee cords, of which there are 36, are responsible for a firm and very quiet bounce. It is smooth overall. Do note that bounce characteristics change slightly as you move away from the centre. The handlebar is height adjustable to five levels ranging from 82-117 centimetres. Assembly is difficult, and you’ll need an aide. Poorly written instructions don’t really help, but not enough to detract from the overall quite positive experience this trampoline provides.


      • Good customer support
      • Good bounce
      • Interesting design
      • Adjustable handle bar
      • Available in several colours
      • Two years warranty


      • Tricky to assemble
      • Cords can snap
      • Does not fold

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MaXimus Pro Rebounder – Athletes’ Package

The well-esteemed trampoline star makes a comeback. Maximus Pro is known as a manufacturer of reliable rebounders and this 40-inch model seems to follow suit. A rich accessory package complements the offer.

maximus pro rebounder


It doesn’t impress with its looks, but it leaves a good overall impression. The parts are well-machined and painted; the trampoline doesn’t look drab in the slightest. What’s more important is its performance, which is well above average. It is spring-based, but the springs are larger and the bounce is accordingly more comfortable.

The weight limit is standard for higher grade trampolines at 130 kilograms. The rubber nubs do a good job of keeping the trampoline stable even under higher stresses. Using it on hardwood flooring won’t result in damage. The rebounder is quarter foldable and fits into a smallish carry bag. However, folding can be a difficult task, especially during the first few times as the handle bar is difficult to take down.

Resistance bands are well-made and useful for plenty of exercises.

All in all, the trampoline is a good buy considering the overall quality and package.


      • All parts replaceable
      • Sturdy
      • Quite easy to assemble
      • Resistance bands, sandbags and handlebar included
      • Good quality exercise DVD
      • Quarter folding


      • No proper warranty
      • Handle bar isn’t height adjustable

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