Before you do any of tricks on your trampoline there are several things you should be aware of!

Trampolining should be taken seriously every time you person bounces. As trampolining is classified as an high skill Olympic Sport in which contestor performs a routine of tricks marching for their best performance. Difficulty of tricks they need to perform varies enormously.

Exercises you can perform on a trampoline is classified in several categories and exercise from this trampolining tutorial is classified as “Basic Skill Level” trampoline exercise, as other somersaults are.

Regardless of the experience you may have on trampoline, exercise in this tutorial will help you get an insight into learning somersaults on trampoline.

Please ensure you stick to following guidelines at all times:

  • only one person at a time bouncing on trampoline
  • DO not try risky tricks without safety enclosure or without supervision
  • Make sure trampoline is not under tree branches or electrical wiring
  • Always explain you children basic safety guidelines
  • At all time supervise your children. Trampoline is NOT a kindergarten