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Man Jumps on Frozen Trampoline [VIDEO]

Would you ever think that jumping on a frozen trampoline is good idea? Well.. the guy who posted this Vine video thought it would be. This trampoline was lined with a thin layer of ice, which broke into shards that produced a shattering sound, very similar to broken glass. See how he did:

Elk Jumps on Family’s Trampoline

The herd of Elk`s decided to pay Greg Chase a visit. After all, there is the trampoline in the backyard, meaning fun guaranteed! So what did Greg do? Of course, he filmed them enjoying some trampine jumping in his backyard. One more species that loves trampolines :)    

Trampolining in Slow Motion

Slow motion trampolining video Leaders in cinematic sports content had teamed-up with Australian free-jumping trampoline phenomenon BOUNCE for their latest sporting production. Why is this video special? Well, maybe because you haven`t been bouncing in slow motion before… :) In this video you can see amazing skills of the BOUNCE Free Jumping Revolution Team – made up of professional gymnasts, snowboarders, skateboarders and circus performers. The video was shot using