Training and Exercise

Confirmed – Trampoline Workout Burns 1000 calories/hour

It was always clear that trampoline based workout is one of the best there is, heck, even the astronauts use trampolines during preparation for missions. But now we have proof which confirmed that loosing 1000 calories per hour just by bouncing on trampoline is possible. Are ready to get in shape but still don`t trust us? Read more and be convinced!

Exercise on Mini Trampoline – How, When and Why?

Today people exercise less and less – it is a FACT. Now change that with your own Mini Trampoline! Almost everyone has got some kind of excuse why is he/she not  working out. Maybe there is lack of time, but certainly everyone has hour or two to spend in front of tv. So why not just use part of that time to exercise? Mini trampolines are not expensive. Maybe you

Main Benefits of Training on Trampoline

Many people might look at someone bouncing on a trampoline and wonder what all the excitement is about. But the truth is, trampolines are great for physical fitness of children and adults, as well as for influencing other things such as balance and stamina. Trampolines are used regularly by athletes who skate, dance, dive or do gymnastics. That’s because bouncing on a trampoline takes more than just the effort of