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My First Trampoline 55″

Is this trampoline good enough to become your first trampoline? My First Trampoline is very affordable & made from good quality parts. Now read this kids trampoline review and decide if it is good enough to become a perfect gift for your children.

Little Tikes 7 ft. Trampoline

Who wouldn`t like so happy-looking trampoline? Fantastic colors, unprecedented safety and much more in this Little Tikes trampoline. One thing is for sure – expect WOW effect on most children out there. Read our independent review!

Pure Fun 15 ft Trampoline

Pure Fun 15 foot Round Trampoline Review As one of best sellers, Pure Fun 15ft trampoline is trampoline from which we expect a lot. This is slightly renewed design of trampoline from Pure Fun, and as explained below, comes with some major differences. Weight limit: 250 lbs (115kg) Price:  (Note: trampoline enclosure is sold separately) Rating: Recommended for: Age 8+ Check latest price! Pure Fun 15 ft Trampoline Specifications First,

Vuly Thunder Round Trampoline

Vuly Thunder Trampoline Review – Thunder, most exclusive trampolines are being sold under this brand. This time we are reviewing round model which is offered in three sizes – 12, 14 & 16 ft. If you are thinking why this model is so expensive then look at their promo image, where they landed an actual car on mat without any consequences. Read detailed review…

BouncePro 14ft Trampoline with Spinner Flash Litez

Review of BouncePro 14 foot Round Trampoline BouncePro 14ft round trampoline is a trampoline aiming mainly for children as potential jumpers. As previous BouncePro models were involved in recall issued by CPSC in 2012, BouncePro did a lot on improving new generation of trampoline with improved safety -together with correcting flaws and errors they have also presented new safety feature included called “Spinner Flash Litez” – spinning and flashing led

JumpSport “Elite” Round Trampoline

JumpSport „Elite“ series of trampoline is 5* trampoline which will give you everything you ever wanted from trampoline – bounce, quality with superior performance, and maximum safety for minimum chance of injuries. But it does come with a cost. Is it worth of it? Check our review and decide for yourself.

Skywalker 15 feet Trampoline with Enclosure

Skywalker 15ft Round Trampoline Review This time we got our hands on one trampoline from which we had mind blowing expectations – SkyWalker 15ft. We knew that Skywalker was always producing  top-notch trampolines (35 years in business), but never tried one the biggest round trampolines they have to offer. Numerous ratings of 4* and above already gave as a clue that this trampoline must be “out of this world” and

ExacMe 15 ft Trampoline

ExacMe 15ft Trampoline, trampoline with crazy weight limit, low price and great reviews. Are there any hidden surprises? Read our review about 15ft ExacMe trampoline! This isn’t an super quality industrial trampoline that can handle an entire bunch of screaming kids… but with a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, it can still handle few people.. At 15’ in diameter, it will give everyone enough room to jump, not just

Funtek 12ft Trampoline with Enclosure

Funtek 12ft Round Trampoline with Enclosure included! Great trampoline with non-existent customer service. Even though this trampoline features new, great looking design and will most certainly find it`s owners solely because of it, and inter-connected frame which gives you impression of using octagonal trampoline, funtek 10&12ft trampolines unfortunately offer nothing more than good looks. Weight limit: 200 lbs (90kg) Rating:     What this trampoline has to offer? strong patented

OZ 8-foot Round Trampoline with Enclosure Review

OZ 8 foot Trampoline for Kids OZ trampoline is well known trampoline manufacturer operating mostly in Australia. Their product provides excellent price/quality ratio and is considered one of the “best buy” trampolines available on the market. Even though price of those trampolines is significantly higher than competitors product they manage to find their buyers which are more interested not only on trampoline quality but also great customer service. Weight limit: