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Bounce Pro 7′ My First Indoor/Outdoor Trampoline

While plenty of trampolines are marked as children-safe, there is still nothing better than a trampoline dedicated for children. This trampoline is an enticing option, but is it good enough to let your kid hop around on it? You’ll find out soon enough…

Merax 7ft Kids Trampoline

This time we are reviewing Merax 7ft trampoline, made specificaly for toddlers and smaller kids. As Merax made trampoline following already tested design (looks very similar to Little Tikes & Skybound Super 7) we are sure that they will have no problems finding potential buyers. But, will quality follow design? Lets find out! Read our review…

SkyBound Super 7 ft. Trampoline

When it comes to safety of our children we tend to seek only one thing – ultimately safe environment. And while some trampolines can be dangerous, SkyBound Super 7 blew away all myths around trampolines. Built with children`s safety in mind, SkyBound Super 7 trampoline is inside top 5 most safest trampolines for kids. Read our review of Super 7 octagonal trampoline!

Little Tikes 7 ft. Trampoline

Who wouldn`t like so happy-looking trampoline? Fantastic colors, unprecedented safety and much more in this Little Tikes trampoline. One thing is for sure – expect WOW effect on most children out there. Read our independent review!