Review of Springfree 13×13 foot Jumbo Square Trampoline with Enclosure

Springless square trampoline made by SpringFree Inc. is fantastic but expensive trampoline which will blow your mind in all aspects – from safety features to bounciness. With total of 155 square foot of available jumping space, you and your children will definitely find a way to use this trampoline to it`s limits, no matter if you`re jumping, fitness sessions or trampoline games is what you enjoy.

Weight limit: 220 lbs (100kg)+ (Make sure to check out video “How strong Springfree really is?” below to get an idea about weight limit.

Rating: 4.5 Stars (4.5 / 5)

Recommended for: Age 4-99

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SpringFree 13 ft Jumbo Square Trampoline Specifications


Frame can handles structural load of incredible 1100 lbs (500 kg). Double layer of powder coating on pregalvanized steel ensures that this trampoline will never rust. According to other owners which had it for several years, complete trampoline, not only the frame, looks the same as it did the day they bought it.


No steel springs on this trampoline but innovative fiberglass rods will do the trick. Basically, these rods are main highlights whenever you see a springless trampolines in public and biggest reason why SpringFree Inc. trampolines are considered to be safest in the world. No standard springs connecting mat and frame, no possibility to hit it.


Incredibly huge mat with total size of 13×13 ft. Mat is made from polypropylene with 4 rows of stitching. Bounce it provides is fantastic but only when jumping in or near center of the mat.


Enclosure provides great visibility (and looks great) while doing fantastic job keeping users safe. Biggest advantage is that enclosure is connected with curved poles leaving you not so many opportunities for direct hit. And if you do accidentally fall on enclosure, no worries, it is flexible enough to withstand all hits, if you are withing weight limit…


Safety poles on this trampoline are not standard steel made, padded poles but come as curved rods made from same material as springs, fiberglass.


Trampolines come packaged for self-assembly, which should be, solely because of the size, performed by two people.


SpringFree offers two types of warranty:

Basic warranty where you get 4 years of warranty on frame and 1 year of warranty on all other parts. Second,  extended warranty and it doubles warranty period, e.g. frame 8 years and all other parts 2 years. Extended warranty can be obtained for free, only thing you need to do is register here and provide certain info about trampoline (address, receipt number etc.)and you are done.


  • Huge jumping space
  • Very strong
  • Safe


  • Expensive
  • Assembly is very complicated


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